SkinnyD became Skinny-fatD: Started Jan 27

IIIIIIII’m Dreaminggggg of a whiiiiiiiiite…NEPA.

I hope you like snow!

Pretty stoked for Transition 1. Part of me wants to just let loose and call it over, but I see a lot of value in cranking out these additional two weeks and getting things on a proper course.

Day 15

Weight: 190.5 (-6.5 total)
Waist (navel): 36.5 (-2.5)
Waist (largest): 37.5 (-2)
Week 3 BF% (calculated - see above): 23.9 (-3.2)

Rest of the numbers have stayed the same, but, again, the gut is the issue, so as long as the scale and the waist measurements are going down, I’m satisfied.

VBurn #2: 37:44 (-4:16)

Happy with that compared to last time, but you guys getting sub-30 numbers are damn impressive, that’s for sure.

Some pics to come later today.

Day 1, Day 8, Day 15

Day 1, 8, 15

Day 1, 8, 15

The back photos really emphasize the difference. Also your waistline is getting visibly smaller, which is good. Looking foward to seeing the final photos.

Day 16

Not a ton to report. NEPA today was another long trudge through the snow, trying not to fall on my ass on the ice. This snow is ridiculous.

Feeling good still, and counting down until Sunday for HSM #3.

anom1K, thanks for the kind words.

I tried to start this thread here, but it got moved to the other forum.

Since I’m not sure anybody looks at that forum, I’ll link to it here:

Please go check it out and give some input, or just answer me here if you’d rather do that!

Day 21.

75% done, and really looking forward to the final week. Also excited about tomorrow’s weigh-in and measurements.

Its been tough sledding for the past few days for some reason. The shakes are really starting to wear on me - especially the breakfast and dinner ones. Superfood is the devil. I have switched to having just 1 scoop of that in the shakes that call for it, rather than two. It tastes terrible AND I was running out too fast to have any left for transition. The Superfood + flaxseeds combo is just nauseating to me at this point. I know I can stick it out for 7 more days though. After that, I’ll definitely be replacing either the breakfast or dinner shakes with my 1 HSM/day.

Whilst I don’t feel nauseated by the Superfood, they are my least fav shakes of the day, I actually don’t mind the flaxseed. I’ve found that used a stack of water to shake tones down the flavour somewhat, yeah it tastes a bit watery but to me that’s better than forcing every gulp. I also add mixed spice and cinnamon. i’ve got fresh mint growing and am wondering if that would would - will try today and let you know. Great work by the way!

Now see…that’s the kind of advice I can use. I’ll try that cinnamon tonight. Thanks, chooky!

Just finished VBurn 3. I kept track of my circuits this time:

1 - 4:00
2 - 9:10
3 - 14:25
4 - 20:50
5 - 26:40
6 - 32:30

Week 1 was 42:00, 2 was 37:44, so I’m definitely happy with shaving nearly 10 minutes off in two weeks. I know I still pale in comparison to you guys (and gals!) getting sub-30 numbers, but I’ll take it.

Two more shakes until I’m officially 75% done…

Results after 3 weeks:

Weight: 197 to 192 to 190.5 to 189 (-8)
Waist-navel: 39 to 37.75 to 36.5 to 36 (-3)
Waist-largest: 39.5 to 38.5 to 37.5 to 37 (-2.5)
Body fat% (see formula above): 27.1 to 25.8 to 23.9 to 23.1

Front: Day 1 vs. Day 22

Back: Day 1 vs. Day 22

Side: Day 1 vs. Day 22

Looks like you’re getting some great results!

Day 23

Thanks, T-Wrecks. I’d like to have lost a little bit more on the scale, but as long as the waist numbers continue to decrease, I’m gonna call it a win.

Also, another thanks to chooky - the cinnamon in the shakes is great! Definitely a lifesaver for my final pre-transition week.

I don’t have my workout #13 numbers in front of me right now, but I can say this: 15 seconds of rest is INSANE! F you, Waterbury. It’s hardly enough time to write down what you did, take a sip of water, and grab the weights again. The man is the devil. I was cranking out singles at the end of all three exercises (Front squat, chin up, BB bench).

Thanks man. I’m pretty pleased. I’ll be trying to pack some shoulders, traps, and chest on after this is all over. That will be fun.

Your 22 day post is quite good. Big difference from Day 1 all over. Finish line is close!

Day 24

Missed a shake today. Had #2 late cuz I got busy at work, then got busy AGAIN and didn’t have #3 until about 6 PM (about 1.5 after I usually have it). After waiting for it to settle, working out, and having my Surge, there was just no way I was going to get 2 more in. This is the 2nd day out of 24 I have missed a shake. Not going to let it happen again for the next four days.

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