SkinnyD became Skinny-fatD: Started Jan 27

Started the V-Diet yesterday. Would have started on Monday, but I had a luncheon for work that I had already committed to and ordered food for.

So pushed it back to Wednesday. I’ll get my stats (they’re on the home computer) and pics (maybe) up soon.

Basically, as you can tell from my handle, putting on muscle was always more of a problem for me than staying lean. Then the mid-20’s and a desk job showed up, and now suddenly I can’t fit into my pants any more. I decided it was time to nip the waistline swelling in the bud by doing the V-Diet.

Day 1 went well. It was my first experience with flax seeds (I got the “ground” not “milled” - slightly more processed and easily digestible, according to the lady at the health food store), and I feel like they made my breath awful. I had a terrible smell in my nose from the morning shake that lasted pretty much all day. Did day 1 of the intermediate workout.

Front Squat - 95 lb: 5/4/4/3/2/2
Chin-up: 5/4/3/2/2/2/2
DB Bench Press - 52.5 lb: 5/5/5/5
Plank Hold (sub for ab wheel rollout): 25 sec, 30 sec

I work out at home, and 52.5 is the highest my dumbbells go up to. I think I may have to substitute barbell bench press next time.

For NEPA, I did a 35 minute walk with my dog. He’ll love my V-Dieting for sure, even if I don’t, since he’ll get some more walks out of it.

The shakes all went down fine, and I never got hungry all day. Tried strawberry MD for the first time - not a fan. I’ll have to be mixing 1 scoop of that with 1 scoop of chocolate if I want to finish that bottle.

Never took HOT-ROX before, so started with 1/day yesterday. Felt OK, if that goes well for the next few days, I’ll bump up to 2/day.

Day 2 - so far so good. About to have my lunch shake. The flaxseed breath/smell seems better today as well. Legs/butt very sore from squatting for the first time in a while.

Good luck! If the first week is rough just remember it gets much easier as time goes on.

Glad to hear it. I was trying to explain to my GF that I thought it would get easier, not harder, and she wasn’t trying to hear that.

I also told her to remind me, if I start whining, that I can barely fit into the pants I JUST BOUGHT that were already bigger than I used to wear.

So, nearing the end of Day 3 and things are going better than I could have hoped. I haven’t had any of the gas, headaches, etc. problems that others have reported. Had my first (and only, so far) hunger pangs yesterday afternoon. Afternoon shake was right around the corner though, so that took care of that.

Second workout today:

Reverse Lunge - 20 lb: 8/8/5/5/5/5/4
Dumbbell Bent Row - 35 lb: 9/8/5/6/4/4/4
Dumbbell Push Press - 35 lb: 8/7/6/6/4/5/4
Barbell Curl - 65 lb: 9/6/4/4/4/4/3/3/3
Reverse Crunch on floor: 9/9/9/9/9

I noted yesterday that my legs were sore. Today was even worse…it happens to me when I squat after not doing it for a while - I swear I’m probably walking funny and it feels like my legs could give out at any time…they just randomly wobble. Tried my best to train through it, but that explains the 20 lb reverse lunges (yeah, yeah, just making excuses - ALSO, I’m a weak mofo, esp in the legs).

Day 1 stats:

Age: 27
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 197
Neck: 15.25
Shoulders: 48
Chest-upper: 41
Chest-lower: 40
Waist - navel: 39
Waist-largest: 39.5
Hips-largest: 41
Upper Arm-L: 14.5
Upper Arm-R: 14.75
Upper Leg-L: 24.5
Upper Leg-R: 24.75
Ankles - uh…cankles are not an issue

Body Fat % (calculated): 27.1
(note: this may not be the most scientific measure, but it gives a starting point, at least. I got it from “muscarella’s” v-diet log: It is as follows:

Body Fat Formula For Men
Factor 1 (Total body weight x 1.082) + 94.42
Factor 2 Waist measurement x 4.15
Lean Body Mass Factor 1 - Factor 2
Body Fat Weight Total bodyweight - Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Percentage (Body Fat Weight x 100) / total bodyweight )

Day 1. The camera don’t lie…

Just did 40 minutes of snow shoveling…that’s pushing the limits of "NE"PA, that’s for sure.

Workout #3 and HSM #1 later today…quite excited about the latter.

Workout #3 (Day 5)

Sumo Deadlift: 115 - 8/6/6/5/5/5
Decline DB Bench: 52.5 - 9/9/4/6/5/4/3
Neutral Grip Pull up: BW - 9/5/4/4/4/4/3/3/3
Hand walkout from knees: 9/6/6/6/6/7

Some workout notes…

I was blessed with stilts where my legs should be, so I’ve always found sumo deadlifts much easier to maintain form through. For the pull-ups, I added a “jump” to them, to try to make them a true 8-9 rep max. I know this method isn’t perfect, but I still had to wipe the floor off my face when I finished, so I hope the net effect will be as CW intended when writing the program.

After the workout, I had my first HSM.

Salad consisting of spinach, diced carrots, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, with olive oil dressing
Free range Rib Eye (8 oz)
Small sweet potato with cinnamon
Large pile of steamed broccoli
Strawberries and blueberries for dessert

It. Was. Amazing.

I had my first HSM on day 5, so that means this week I will have to go an extra two days without solid food compared to last week. I am not looking forward to it, but honestly I have been feeling good and the shakes are keeping me quite satiated, so I am hopeful that things won’t go badly.

About to do my first VBurn, which I am definitely dreading. I’ll be back later to report my dismal time.

Just finished first V-Burn.

Holy crap. I knew it would be tough, but I wasn’t prepared for that. I haven’t worked that hard since high school sports.

My time was worse than expected - 42:00. The squat thrusts were really the limiting factor. By the time I got around to them each time, I was even more drained than the last, and my form well…I’m sure it left something to be desired.

But hell, now I have a spot to improve from.

Time for the dinner shake.

Day 7

Had my first “eh” day today. Really felt shitty between lunch shake and afternoon snack shake. Just gross throughout my stomach and head. Felt better post-dinner though.

Also had a good 2-mile NEPA walk at lunch.

Week 1 weigh in and measurements in the morning…apprehensive but hopeful.

Day 8

192.0 today (-5.0 lbs). Very happy with that.

I’ll post measurements and pics in a bit, but for now suffice to say that I am strongly motivated for Week 2 by that strong number on the scale.

Week 2 BF% (calculated - see above): 25.8 (-1.3)

Day 1 vs. Day 8, Front



As I mentioned earlier, weight went from 197 to 192.
Bodyfat% (calculated): 27.1 —> 25.8 (-1.3)

All measurements stayed the same except:

Waist - Navel: 39 —> 37.75 (-1.25)
Waist - Largest: 39.5 —> 38.5 (-1)

And hey, those are the most important two, in my book. The “beer gut” is my biggest problem.

I have been taking Surge after the vburn! Thanks for the heads up! I will cut that out! I wasn’t sure about that detail and I forgot/never bothered to look it up. Starting to feel really good this week as far as results go. Basically, they’re in and it all seems worth it.

I see you’re using the BF calculation. It’s an interesting measure. I don’t really know how much emphasis to give it. According to it, my BF % went up last week. That’s a head scratcher. But if you’re like me, the spread sheet is the most fun so anything additional I can throw in there I do.

Looks like you had a solid week 1. The beer gut problem is a sign of high testosterone levels, so you’re in a good boat. According to Romaniello, the gut indicates cortisol levels which is regulated in large part by sleep. So, if you’re not too hopped up on Hot-Rox, getting some sleep should help you out! Keep up the good work!

Glad to help, man!

Day 10

Finally into the double digits of days…woo hoo!

Things are going pretty smoothly so far. Just had workout #6 (incl. VBurn).

Number 5:
Front Squat - 100 lb: 5/3/3/3/2/2/2
Chin up - BW: 4/3/3/2/2/2/2/2
Barbell Bench - 160: 5 (too heavy). 140: 5/3/2/2 - This whole exercise was a clusterf*$k. It was my fault, but long story short I had to cut it short because I went too heavy for too many sets and nearly had a bar in my neck. I’ll work to correct this next week.
Plank Hold: 30s, 35s

Number 6:
Reverse Lunge - 25: 8/8/5/5/5/5/4
Bentover DB Row - 35: 8/8/5/5/5/4/4/1
DB Push Press - 35/40 (bowflex dumbbells): 9/7/5/5/5/4/3/2
Barbell Curl - 65: 9/6/5/4/4/4/3/4
Reverse Crunch: 9/9/9/9/9

Today was the first day I got 3 HOT-ROX in - had two in the morning and another before my afternoon snack shake. Finishing my Surge right now, going to shoot for getting the dinner shake in at around 8, then bedtime at 1130 or so. Gonna be tough, but I haven’t missed one yet and don’t want to start now.

Looking like we’re going to be snowed in AGAIN this weekend here in Maryland (2nd weekend in a row). My friends are all hunkered down with a bunch of booze and shitty food, and I would surely be joining them if I wasn’t on this diet. I knew this would be an exercise in mental discipline, and the weather is just adding another factor into that. Though, to be fair, if it weren’t snowing, there would still be plenty of social events to go OUT to. Just have to stick it out.

On the bright side, I have HSM #2 lined up to coincide with the Super Bowl on sunday. Watching the game at my parents house, and I warned them not to make any food for me. Told Mom that she can pick up a vegetable tray, and I’ll have some of that, but ONLY during HSM time, and I promise to stay away from the dip.

I’m feeling pretty good about the next 18 days. If I had to describe the feeling of the VDiet (for me anyway) to somebody considering it, I would describe it as thus: “always full, never satisfied.” I never feel “hungry,” per se, but also never have that feeling that you get after you polish off a steak or a personal pizza or whatever. Anybody agree?

I agree completely. I’m never hungry, but the thought of solid food is quite fantastic. Can’t wait for my first HSM. Btw, you can definitely see the difference in your side pic! Great job and keep it up!

Thanks, Nici. Good luck finishing up week 1!

That’s extremely accurate for me. The peanut butter at night is the closest I ever feel to satisfied. Staying busy is huge. Either keeping the mind or body active will make the days fly.

Also, I’ve been chewing a ton of gum for several reasons - shake after taste, appetite suppressant, small activity to keep me going on something. Usually, when I start thinking about food, I just break out a piece of Trident and that gets me 30-45 minutes of relief.

Good luck with the Super Bowl! That’s going to be a challenge! It’s my last day of nothing. I may not even watch the damn thing…

Holy Crap. Had some extra NEPA by necessity today. Had to shovel a few hundred (thousand?) pounds of snow off my garage roof. Good times.

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