Skinny Guy Wanting to do the V-Diet?

Alright, I’ve read a fair amount on the V-Diet and one thing I have read that particularly pertains to me is the whole “If you V-Diet without a lot of muscle mass, your results won’t be visibly drastic,” or whatever. Fair enough, and it makes complete sense. However, here is my line of thinking…

  1. I want as lean of a base to begin with as I can. I want to go ahead and slash off as much of my bodyfat as possible THEN focus on maintaining that level (with the hopeful slight decrease in BF% due to training and proper dieting) as I proceed to acquire lean muscle tissue.

  2. In the past year I’ve gone through a body composition roller coaster. I’ve gone from the lean skinny kid with decent definition, to the kid who’s $ circumstances provide him with 1 meal a day, which was usually BK my dad bought, to the kid with a full time job who eats crap all day and has gotten extremely soft…
    It’s time for some discipline and cleansing.

  3. I’m sick of looking down and watching my stomach fold over itself when I sit. I’m only 155lbs. This disgusts me…

So those are the general reasons I want to start the V-Diet. Since I work on my feet and have plenty of time to toss together (and drink) a shake at any time during the day, it would also be easy to stay on track during work.

Now, I’m looking for my cable to upload pictures, so hopefully I’ll upload them within the next hour or so. I’ll post my stats with them as well.

I ‘think’ (keyword there) that the Velocity Diet is really best suited for people besides yourself.

Like when Chris Shugart first wrote the diet he was tired of being 200lbs of plain and wanted to be 185lbs of ripped. (From what I remember).
And the diet was obviously the right thing for him at this time.

A lot of physique clinic people who had to lose a lot of fat fast responded well to the V-Diet. But they were fatter than you before they started.

In my humble opinion, if you were only eating one meal a day just one year ago then you aren’t ready for a diet that’s almost entirely made of protein shakes and fiber supplements.

The diet “20 Pounds in 20 Weeks” is probably more up your alley.

But you probably don’t even need to be on a diet at this point. Just figure out what it means to eat well. Eat your 5-6 meals a day. Get your protein. Get appropriate amounts of fats and carbs. Eat your greens. Snack on fruits. Don’t eat crap. Don’t drink Keystone or Mad Dog. Basic stuff like that.

You could check out Justin Harris’
booklet on diet if you’re really, really curious about what the right answers are and you can’t figure it out from the articles here.

28 days of the Velocity Diet would be pretty extreme for you. IF you’re 155lbs and you can’t see your abs, then what will happen 20 days later when you can see your abs? You’ll be 130lbs. Unless you’re in the neighborhood of 5 feet tall, you’re not going to look impressive at a lean 130. People will call you skelator.

Ah, see I’ve been away from the gym for about a year as well. So I’m hoping that the scale number won’t change dramatically (Less that 15lbs) but that my body composition will improve. I can handle being 135lbs right now, due to the fact that I’m determined to improve my diet, workout consistency, motivation etc.

I purchased Precision Nutrition and just dumped 110 bucks on what I need for the diet (minus Flameout - back order, yay)

I’m not attempting to look impressive following the VDiet. What I AM trying to achieve is to get myself to as lean of a “base” as I can. From what I understand, it’s harder to LOSE fat, than it is to keep it off, so why not get that out of the way?

I understand with my lack of size, that it may not be the “best” thing for me to do, but I’m changing EVERY aspect of my life, and my personal fitness/appearance is just one. I don’t want to half ass anything. I want to start with a bang.

That is the kind of feedback I’m looking for, though. People telling me whether they think I should, shouldn’t, etc. and why.

Well you bought the stuff. That’s that.

Okay, here are my stats and pictures. Day 0.

Weight: 156lbs

Waist: 33.75"
Mid-Torso: 31.25"
Chest: 36.5"
Shoulders: 43.5"
Arms: 12.5"
Thighs: 20.5"
Calves: 14"



$110?? What did you buy? Unless you already had stuff laying around that’s not going to get you what you need. If, on the off chance you are doing this without Metabolic Drive, by all means knock yourself out but don’t call it the Velocity diet and good luck.

[quote]FightingScott wrote:
Well you bought the stuff. That’s that. [/quote]

Yeah, I bought the stuff as soon as I could because I was afraid I’d never get around to it if I didn’t do it pronto.

[quote]allenkt wrote:
$110?? What did you buy? Unless you already had stuff laying around that’s not going to get you what you need. If, on the off chance you are doing this without Metabolic Drive, by all means knock yourself out but don’t call it the Velocity diet and good luck.[/quote]

I bought one thing of Metabolic Drive (will probably buy another one (maybe two) next week. Not trying to go broke on week one haha), HOT-ROX: extreme and Surge.

I understand that it won’t last me the entire 28 days, but there is no rule against buying more :wink:

What is your height and age? And I really think you need to put on some muscle before trying something like this. Really. Its only day 0 so switch tracks and try JB’s 20 pounds in 20 days. You already bought Precision Nutrition so you know that Berardi knows his shit!

Ah, edited my info. And I think I have 20/20 bookmarked. I’ll have to check that out.

ok, damn it I can’t sleep tonight for some reason so I took some time to read through some of your older posts.

It seems to me that you want a quick easy solution but I can tell you from experience this isn’t it (I did the V-Diet about 18 months ago). This really isn’t what you want right now. Dan John once said something along the lines of eat and train like crazy all year. Then once every 12-18 months do something drastic like the v-diet or the get shredded diet. But you’re not ready for this yet. You need the year of training and eating first.

So take a step back and make a commitment right now to start a training program and finish it. But don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Why try to design your own program when there are so many good ones out there already? Two I highly recommend are the New Rules of Lifting (by Lou Shuler and Alwyn Cosgrove) and Carter Schoffer’s Summer Prep Program (if you bought Precision Nutrition you have access to those forums where you will find Carter’s program along with many other very good ones). I have used both of those with excellent results. But again, make the promise to yourself that you will follow the program and complete it! Then come back on here and brag about what you did :slight_smile:

I’ll have to come back in the morning and give those a look over. At this exact moment I’m stuck in my “I want to do either powerlifting or olympic lifting” mindset.

I need to approach it with a clear thought process, but thanks for the advice and what not. Steering me in the right direction.

I think I might try the 20 in 20, then the V-Diet come January…

Argggg. I was started to get excited about V-Diet. SLKDJALKDJ

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