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I’m a runner and triathlete that is looking at completing a cycle of the V-Diet in early 2016. For years, was stuck at 145lbs with a 29-30in waist. In 2014, I decided to see if I could gain some muscle mass, and followed Dan John’s MMS. I was able to put on 12lbs. I have continued to run (Maffetone Method) and am following Pavel’s Power to the People weight program. However, I’m at the point where I need to drop some of the fat I’ve put on. It is negatively affecting my running as my pace times are improving any more. Besides that, my skinny fat look (muscular arm and legs with a belly) makes me look goofy. I’m currently at 160lbs with a 33in waist. I’m also 5’10" and the last caliper reading said 16% body fat.

I just want to make sure since I was a hard gainer at one time that is now skinny fat is approaching the V-Diet correctly. Dan talks highly about this being THE diet. I think it would also help me complete Maffetone’s 14 day sugar detox and curve my sweet tooth habit. I am thinking about adding Indigo-3G if needed to the last 2 weeks of the diet or the 2 weeks after the diet.


Your situation is a bit trickier than the average person’s. Heard the old saying, “Don’t go chasing two rabbits or both will escape”? Well, you might be chasing 3 rabbits!

Ideally, the V-Diet works best when followed exactly, but that for you would mean to stop running, and I’m guessing that isn’t going to happen. I’d say that unless you’re going to follow the V-Diet perfectly (or with only mild modifications) then it just isn’t the plan for you at this time.

That said, Indigo-3G is THE best supplement for the skinny-fat afflicted. I’d suggest to get on at least a 6 week cycle of it. Your money is best spent there instead of on the V-Diet.

Thanks Chris!

3 rabbits, huh? Well, I can stop chasing at least 1 of the rabbits. I would stop running if needed. I had a break from running in May, and found my aerobic base returned quickly.

Is the other rabbit wanting to do PTTP? My coach has been aiming for the Percy Cerutty lifting standards (bench 125% of BW and deadlift 200% of BW). I’m pass bodyweight for bench and mid 200s for deadlift. I’m sure modification could be made, like during triathlon training I drop to 2 lifts per week at a 3-2 rep (currently 5-3-2) scheme with heavy weights. Barbell complexes could also be added.

Thanks again!!!

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