Skinny Fat, I Know Disappointment

Hello CS or CT or anybody else.

I would appreciate some help on this matter.
I am skinny fat and would like to know which supplement would be of help for body recomposition.

I was thinking Indigo-3G and Plazma would get me started. And I might add Micro-PA to the mix or HOT-ROX or Alpha Male (I know that would only help at this point.) Anything to get rid of the fat. Don’t really care if I look emaciated. I am just concerned about killing off these fat cells, though I know they won’t completely go away (well you never know), I just want to starve them to death. Or would the V diet be the better route?

I was very active growing up, could eat whatever and stayed skinny.
Always trained for "fun"
Never did I care about the size of my pecs or arms.
After a run with 5/3/1 with BBB for 6 months people hardly recognized me,
But lifting weights wasn’t enjoyable like playing sports was. So went back to playing sports and being active and the only training I would do would be the basic compound lifts and some rehab drills, basically very Cressey and Robertson inspired.

Well the last 3 years have gone down the porcelain throne, developed a slight hip/lower abdomen tear. Had surgery after a year of trying to work around it. And the surgery was worthless, more in pain now than before.
Been feeling and looking like complete crap ever since.

Have even worked with a few coaches, apparently the results have been lackluster, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

And now it is high time that that changed.

Would appreciate any input, thank you

Many people like to use the <a href=""target=“new”>V-Diet to kick off their physique transformation. You’ll drop the body fat quickly, zap some bad eating habits and develop new ones that’ll stick. So that could be a good start for you. And <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is part of the new V-Diet.

That said, it does sound like <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G would be the perfect fit for you. While it’s not a “fat burner” in the traditional sense, it does fix all those underlying issues that make fat loss and maintaining leanness tough, plus it’ll help you build muscle in the long term. You do NOT want to be “emaciated.” It’s easy to think that way when body fat is the big enemy, but remember that more muscle is what makes you look good and keeps the body fat off for the long haul.

Some people have added Indigo-3G to the V-Diet. That works. Others have done the V-Diet for 28 days then used Indigo-3G after. That’s also a solid plan.

Thanks appreciate the response,

Regarding being emaciated, well increasing performance on the big basics ought to take care of that, I’m sure I won’t wither away.
Sorry for the hyperbole.

And HOT-ROX can be used in addition with Indigo-3G?
Will look into that.

Placed an order for Indigo-3G and Plazma.

One quick question regarding workouts,
Should I go with the original Indigo-3G training templates?
And if so can I replace some of the barbell pushing excerises with dumbbells? My shoulders are not to found of barbells.

Thanks for the help.

  1. Hot-Rox can be used with Indigo-3G. Many find that they don’t need it though, or they just add it toward the end when they’re down to that last 5-10 pounds to lose. I’d suggest holding off and adding it only when and if it’s needed.

  2. Those are great workouts, but plenty of T Nation programs should fit your needs and abilities. Thibaudeau has his own forum here where you can ask him specifics about those workouts.

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