Skinny-Fat Considering Another V-Diet

I would consider myself an intermediate lifter. In the past, I have used weight training to supplement other training goals which have been based around ‘operational fitness’. However, I have never had a great physique. I did the V-Diet in late 2012 and was really impressed with the results, then deployed to the sandy place and fitness training took a back seat.

At the start of this year I decided to focus purely on weights (following the Wendler 531 programme) and eating as much food as I wanted. I added some great weight to all of my lifts which had stalled and gained about 15# in body weight.

As not all of that was muscle, I am considering doing the V-Diet again to bring my weight down and then ‘re-set’ the weights with the ‘Boring but Big’ challenge. However, I recently read the thread about someone who was skinny fat, and was advised not to do the V-Diet (instead to focus on good peri-workout nutrition). Attached are two photos of me topless (left is relaxed, right is tensed; light is literally just above me hence the shadows).

Some stats:
Height 5’10"
Weight 192#
Deadlift 1RM - 430#
Squat 1RM - 375#
Bench 1RM - 290#
Press 1RM - 165#

I seem to be better at putting muscle on around my upper legs, as my ‘loose fit’ jeans are much tighter around my legs. However, as seen from the photos, my upper body just looks skinny fat :(. In terms of my goals, I would like to try to maximise strength to weight ratio (i.e. get strong without getting too big) and keep up with ‘operational’ all round fitness.

So at the end of this long question, what I am asking is whether I should do a cycle of the V-Diet and then move onto Boring But Big, or whether I should skip it and go straight to BBB (i.e. I still need more mass)?

Thanks in advance for your consideration/answers.

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