Skating for NEPA? Workouts on Off Days?

Hey Chris, two quick questions for you.

First, I was wondering what you thought about replacing the NEPA walk with inline skating. I play hockey quite a bit and it would be nice to keep my skating going while still doing the Velocity Diet. That and I find walking pretty boring, so it would be easier to get myself out for a skate more than walking. I could keep the intensity level down, but don’t know if it’s still a little too much while doing V-Diet.

Also, is there something I’d be able to add in to the workouts on non-lifting days? I work out in the morning and get up early just to hit the gym. I’d like to keep my schedule the same every day if I can, but since there’s only 3 days of lifting on the V-Diet workout plan, it leaves me with 2 days during the week with nothing to do in the morning. Kind of stupid and minor, but I’d like to hit the gym to do SOMETHING on those days just to keep my schedule the same, but I don’t want to do too much, either.

Thanks Chris!

No, skating is fine. Basically, as long as it’s not long-distance, pounding “cardio” in the traditional sense, you’re good to go. NEPA is just movement basically; anything that falls into the category of a fast walk is fine, like a moderate bike ride, etc.

Off days are a good time to do things you may normally skip or put on the back burner, like foam rolling, extra ab work, minor assistance work, maybe some calf work if you need it, etc. Heck, maybe even a yoga class or similar. A slight incline walk on a treadmill is fine, but like you said, it can get boring. I use audio books for my NEPA. Might as well learn something while you drain some calories.

Perfect, thanks Chris! Maybe I’ll mess around with yoga on off days, would be a nice little bonus if I could increase my flexibility a little while on the diet.

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