Simple Plazma/Mag10 mixing question

I usually follow the directions on the label, but I wonder if there’s really any difference if, for example, I put 500ml water, two scoops of mag10, plus flavoring, then shake it up- as opposed to 300ml, shake it, add 200ml water and flavoring? Same premise with Plazma. What do you think?

If that mixes well for you, then no problem.

Chris, a simple question (could be pretty stupid): is there any danger to the integrity of the di- and tri- peptides in the MAG-10/Plazma formulas when shaking vigorously? Is the recommendation to do simple end over end turning of the shaker bottle to avoid the resulting foaming or is it also to prevent damage to any "delicate’ contents?

I don’t think it makes a difference, except in making more or less foam with some formulas. We use a commercial drink machine at Biotest HQ.

Thanks Chris

I’m curious, why shake MAG-10 rather than stir it?

I mix it all different ways: shaking, blending, stirring.

When using a container, such as a drinking glass or cup, that a spoon can reach into, and if not bothered by a clump or two, stirring is absolutely fine.

As Chris already said, the order of how one adds and mixes water doesn’t matter to the product. It’s a matter of convenience and preference.

buffd_samurai, on foaming, when shaking or blending I ordinarily mix into a small volume of water first, then add the rest of the water, as this can result in less foaming. But any way that gets the job done is fine so far as the dipeptides and tripeptides themselves are concerned.

hmm…I never even thought of that with MAG-10. Throw it in a blender with some Ice…OMG going to do that tomorrow! thanks bill

Oh by the way, re-reading it now I see I was unclear on one thing. When blending, I blend into a small amount of water, but after that the further water addition is done without the machine spinning.

If I were doing the ice (which I haven’t – good idea!) I think I’d do it by blending into a small amount of water, pouring to my final container, then blending ice with whatever’s left in the blender, pouring that, and then adding final water by hand.

But if you mean mostly ice and minimal water, that might work in one step. Worth trying.

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