Simple & Effective Tip for Staying Strong!

I’m not sure if this has been discussed here before, but I’d just like to point out a tactic that has worked for a couple friends of mine that consider their willpower to be weak. They werent sure how they’d stay strong with the diet, and not cave to the temptation to cheat or quit completely. I suggested something offhand, more as a joke than a serious point, but they both tried it, and said it worked wonderfully!

One of them said to me, “Nick, I really want to try this V-Diet, but I always get random cravings for pasta or ice cream. What’s gonna keep me from just walking over to the fridge or cupboard and just binging, if I ever get really hungry?”

I responded with a joke something along the lines of “Well, why dont you just throw out ALL the food in your house not required by the V-Diet, bust your ass in the lifts and NEPA walks, and refuse to do anything social around food? That way, when you get hungry and want to cheat, there wont be any food there, and you’ll be too tired to go buy food, lol!”…Evidently, they both took me seriously, and said it worked wonders.

One told me that he pretty much kept to himself for the first 2 weeks, having his HSMs at home, the ingredients for which he had his friend deliver to him both fridays, haha. As far as social events, he went to the movies, and only brought the exact cash for a ticket, so he couldnt buy junk food (which I thought was genius), and went and hung out in Central Park another time. He said by the time his 3rd week HSM rolled around, and he went out to dinner with friends, he no longer craved carbs or dessert, and a nice steak was all he needed.

Even though I consider my willpower a bit stronger, I’ve been taking their strategy, and it really does work! You cant eat what’s not there, and if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to for training, you’ll find lounging on the couch at night with a big bottle of water more appealing than making the effort to go to the store.

Just a suggestion for those who consider themselves a little weaker. Who knows, maybe itll work for you.

If you’re married, however…I dunno, have your spouse padlock the fridge? Lol.

Had I had food in my house, I would have failed the diet. I had one horrid moment of weakness where I was flying through the cupboards looking for something. Luckily there was nothing, so I just went to bed(albeit very grumpily!).

The day before I started this diet, I cleaned out my fridge, cupboards… I pre-warned friends, co-workers and family that I will be an introvert for the next couple of weeks… day 3, :0)

I’m not doing the V-Diet at the moment’ but trying to get to the 265 lb mark so as to start. Eating paleo right now, and doing well, but if i am anywhere where people are eating bad, I still don’t have enough will power to not cheat. so I keep the crap food out of the house, and avoid places (like my parents) where there is crap food. My boys go to my parents house for dinner most nights! LOL

It’s called the proximity effect. I wrote a little about it here:

Sounds extreme but it really works. Tougher to cave on your diet if there’s nothing in the house to cave to.

Think of it this way. If you want to avoid cheating on your spouse, it’s probably best remove the horny porn stars from your house that follow you around begging for it.

Dumb example? Yes. Quite.

But anyone who’s ever had a craving when they KNOW there’s bad stuff 10 feet away in the fridge or pantry knows the “temptation” would feel much the same.

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