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Ricardo asks:

Are Indigo-3G and the Micro-PA safe? Any concerns or side effects on health?

I do not understand the supplementation facts, when should I take Indigo-3G?

@T_NATION and Ricardo, yes these supplements are safe, I’ve been using both for a long time and have not experienced or read about any potential health issues or side effects. If there were, I am sure Biotest would put that info out there, although if there were serious risks they probably wouldn’t market these supplements. In my opinion Biotest is the most transparent company out there with listing exactly what’s in their products and how they work. You won’t find any “proprietary blends” like you would with most companies, Biotest lists every ingredient and explains every product in great detail. I put some basic info below, and would also recommend thoroughly reading the product pages for both Indigo and Micro, all the info you need is on there.

Indigo 3G contains concentrated amounts of high quality cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G), a naturally occurring substance in nature, found in fruits like blueberries. The problem is you’d have to eat an impossible amount of them to get the benefits of C3G, obviously outweighing the benefits. C3G increases fat oxidation (fat burning) and insulin sensitivity. When insulin sensitivity is increased, the carbs and nutrients you ingest are driven more into muscle and not stored as fat. Here’s a copy/paste from the product page:

Here’s how C3G specifically affects fat cells and muscle cells:

Fat Cells — C3G actually up-regulates gene expression for fat oxidation (fat burning) and down-regulates gene expression for fat storage. The oxidation of fatty acids increases further, directly through the release of adiponectin. The overall effect is that fat cells begin to shrink in size. The reduced inflammation also decreases the size of fat cells and disgorges the excess water associated with the inflammatory process (leading to a less bloated and squishy feeling to the fat under the skin).

Muscle Cells — Insulin sensitivity of muscle cells increases, thereby enhancing insulin signaling and glucose and nutrient uptake, along with enhancing glycogen synthesis, which drives glucose and nutrients preferentially into muscle.

For timing, you can follow the instructions on the bottle. Indigo should be taken 30 minutes prior to starting your workout nutrition, like Plazma.

Micro-PA contains a highly specialized form of unsaturated phosphatidic acid (PA), with enhanced bioavailability, that powerfully activates and amplifies muscle cell protein synthesis. It’s a naturally occurring substance in your body which triggers protein synthesis/hypertrophy, so you’re taking a high quality concentrated dose of it, hence more muscle gains. Here’s a copy/paste from the product page:

During eccentric movement, an enzyme is dislodged from the Z-lines of muscle cells that hydrolyzes phosphatidylcholine into phosphatidic acid (PA). PA in turn binds to and activates a kinase enzyme, called mTOR, which is the “master regulator” of muscle cell protein synthesis and muscle size.

PA-activated mTOR directly affects immediate and long-term changes in muscle growth. Simply put, if you want to gain muscle, you have to activate mTOR. And the more PA available to activate mTOR, the greater the effect on intracellular protein synthesis and the greater the muscle mass gains.

From my personal experience, I’ve been taking Indigo for over 3 years, and Micro for a little over a year. Indigo allowed me to change the way my body utilized carbs and really put them to good use. Micro was a game changer, within a few weeks of taking it I started noticing a difference in my physique, and so did my gym buddies. They have been, and continue to be, staples in my training protocol.

Now, keep in mind, these supplements are outstanding, but they will only really shine if the rest of your training and nutrition is consistent. If you want any advice or info on training and nutrition, there are hundreds of articles on the site that can point you in the right direction. And of course, be sure to post any questions, there’s a big community here to help.

Good luck!

Are Indigo-3G and the Micro-PA safe? Any concerns or side effects on health?[/quote]
They’re both safe for healthy people, yep. No major side effects have been reported by anyone using either or both supplements together. Less bodyfat and more lean muscle is probably the most common side effect, but that’s more of an intended effect, so, yeah. This article and this article both talk about the research behind the ingredients in Indigo-3G, while this one discusses Micro-PA. All of those articles have tons of studies looking into what, why, and how they work.

It’s something you take every day. On days you train, take it a half-hour before having your pre-workout drink (which is something you’d generally have about 15 minutes before training, so have the Indigo about 45 minutes before your workout starts). On days you don’t train, take Indigo a half-hour before dinner.

Simple enough, and it becomes habit after just a short while. Also, the nutrients in Indigo are actually “in your system” for about six hours, so if you end up timing a dose plus or minus a little while, it’s certainly not a deal-breaker. The label use is for optimal effectiveness, but anything is better than nothing.

Regarding Indigo 3G not only is it safe it’s actually very good for you health. First because of its main role which is to make your more sensitive to insulin. On top of the positive body composition results you will get your body also become much better at dealing with blood glucose.

And it is also has strong anti-inflammatory effects. I believe that systemic inflammation is one of the biggest cause of many health issues. So anything that fights systemic inflammation (I’m not talking pain killers here) like Indigo3G, Curcumin and Flameout (highly concentrated omega 3 fatty acids) will do wonders to make you healthier.

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What happens if I stop taking Micro-PA, but I keep training?

Micro PA is not like steroids with which you lose a significant portion of your gains when you stop using it (the reason why it happens is fairly complex and outside of the scope of your question). Micro PA simply amplifies the growth promoting signal stimulated with training. If you cease using Micro PA but keep on training you still have the growth stimulus, it is just less amplified. In other words each session will yield a little bit less progress than when using Micro PA but you will still make progress.

[quote=“Rica96, post:5, topic:6048, full:true”]
What happens if I stop taking Micro-PA, but I keep training?[/quote]

You’d get the same kind of results as when you were training before taking Micro-PA. (So, basically what Thib said).

Didn’t see a reply on a thread I started so I thought I would try posting here:

Question for Shugart, Thib or TC:

I wanted to hear your advice on the current supplement schedule I am on and what I am planning to start. I have been taking Carbolin-19 and Indigo-3G every day for about 3 months now and have been using Plazma and Mag-10 for my training sessions. I also use metabolic drive, superfood, and Flameout in between meals.

I am wanting to switch off Indigo-3G and try Micro-PA again while staying on Carbolin-19. I also wanted to try Rhodiola to help fight fatigue and try z-12 to help get some quality sleep. I plan to keep using Palzma, Mag-10, Metablic Drive, superfood and Flameout.

My question being, are all of these products compatible with which other? Or could some have negative effects on others? I just want to make sure to maximize the effects of each product. Also, I have heard/read great things about Surge workout fuel. Could this be something to try instead of Plazma?

Any advice would be great.


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