Sick & Tired: Kelly's V-Diet Log

Alright, I’ve become obsessed with this forum for the last month and I?ve visited this site for a long time and never posted before so I decided to participate.

I?m really sick and tired of everything and not just the extra weight. I read on the forum somewhere about being an extra in someone else?s movie and that?s what I’ve let myself become. I?m pretty angry about that. I know by now that to change anything I need to do something drastic. I?m hoping this will give me positive momentum in the right direction to make some changes.

I eased myself into it while I waited for my order by cutting out junk and having a couple of shakes a day. I haven’t cheated at all and have been doing the Intermediate Program as directed including timing rest periods with a stop watch. My only issue is I think that I need heavier weights for some of the exercises. I made a note of it and will add 10 lbs for the next round to see how that goes.

For NEPA I’ve been walking on the treadmill for 1 hour at 3 MPH at a 6% incline or going outside to walk the trail along the bay which is about 4 miles. I had to avoid an office pizza party on day 3. I just left the office at lunch time and pretended that I forgot about it.

I?m excited to see the results because it’s been easier than I thought. I’m on day 6 so I know I can keep going. I?ll be checking my stats in the next couple of days.

My Goal is to lose 14 lbs and hit 145lbs and to lose 2 inches around my waist and an 1 inch off my upper legs.

Beginning V-Diet Measurements

Start date: 3/31/09
Height 5?6
Weight 158.6
Right ankle 8.25
Left ankle 8.25
Lower Right leg 14.5
Lower left leg 14.5
Thigh right 23.5
Thigh left 23.5
Hips 40
Waist (upper) 32
Waist (Navel) 34
Waist (lower) 37
Upper chest 36
Lower chest 38
Right arm 11.25
Left arm 11.25
Shoulders 41
Neck 14

Very glad to have you on board, Kelly! Keep us updated!

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