Sick of What I've Become (V-Diet Log)

Its time for a change. I’ve been letting myself go for the last year and I am disgusted with myself. As someone who was always the fat kid it was a shocker when I lost around 55lbs 3 years ago. People do treat you differently and that had a profound effect on me.

Well fast forward three years and between then and now I’ve competed in powerlifting, put on a significant amount of muscle (I lost lost of whatever muscle I had during my first cut) and a significant amount of fat going from about 200 to 240. I went from a 44 size pant to a 36 and today i’m up to a loose 42.

I’ve rationalized myself fat and lazy and I am at my wits end. I don’t feel sorry for myself. First it was school, then graduation, then grad parties, then summer, and then moving, then my new job, and its all BULLSHIT. I AM ANGRY. Not because I am fat but because I lied to myself for so long.

Well now its time to take the plunge and get my life back on track.

Current stats - 240lbs 5’6.5

I will be following the V-Diet to a T. I will be following the “Intermediate” workout plan.

I am still in the planning phase but at the moment my purchase is looking like:

13 tubs of Metabolic Drive
2 Flameout
2 Surge
2 HOT-ROX Extreme
1 Se7en

1 Natty PB
1 Fiber Choice Tablets
1 Bag Milled Flax Seed

and Flintstones Complete Daily Vitamins cause I dread taking nasty daily vitamins.

I was also thinking about getting 2 bottles of BCAA’s but wasn’t sure if it was worth getting.

I plan on using the “Over 35lbs” calculations and using my 240lb starting BW my calories are:

Lifting Day: 1596.96 = 1600 cals
Non Lifting Day: 1330.8 = 1300 cals

Kinda seems low though…

working out the total caloric intake my non lifting day should look like this:

Flameout - 4 caps - 52 cals
Natty PB - 1 serving - 190 cals
Flax Seed - 2 Servings - 120 cals
Fiber Choice - 4 tabs - 32 cals
Metabolic Drive - 4 Shakes - 880 cals

takes me up to: 1274 cals and 25g fiber

Thats within the 50 cal +/- range but I could add 1 extra scoop for an extra shake and remove 2 fiber choice tablets which puts me at: 1368 cals and 25g fiber

For my workout days I would just add 1 serving of Surge which should take me to: 1614 and 1708 cals respectively (depending on 4 vs 4.5 shakes per day).

So how does that look to you guys and gals? Any advice or comments are appreciated.

After doing some calculations it looks like I only need:

10 tubs Metabolic Drive
1 Bottle HOT-ROX
1 Tub Surge

and the rest will stay the same.

I am fairly sensitive to stims so I plan on only going with 2 HOT-ROX per day but if I find myself being able to handle 4 a day I can always go pick up a bottle from DPS which is right around the corner.

for me, my non-WO days are 1250, WO days are 1500, and my schedule is similar to yours (except i feed OFTEN… 7 times throughout the day. 1 of them is 2-scoops Metabolic Drive, the other 6 are 1-scoopers).
also 4 fiber choice, 4 Flameout, 1 serving PB, 2 servings flax…


Welcome to the V-Diet. Be sure to check around and get some inspiration from those that are finishing the diet. I myself will be taking the plunge on Sept 1st. Not too far away.

I didn’t take time to figure your calories, but they do seem low, since I am a female and I am at 1600 on lifting days and 1300 or non-lifting days.

Anyway good luck and come back often for support. Its the best support you’ll ever want.


Dan - Sounds good. I may break down my feedings by doing 1 scoop shakes more often. I will prolly play with the feeding intervals over the first few days then its robot mode from then on.

Fitnesslady - They do look low but I am using the stricter “over 35lb” calculations. If I used the regular calculations i’d be 1-200 cals over what I have now. Unless I feel dead I plan on keeping the cals where they are now.

Now to place my order…

Order Placed…

Flameout Inflammation Scavenger, 90 softgels 2
HOT-ROX Extreme, 110 capsules 1
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Banana 1
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Chocolate 3
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Orange 1
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Strawberry 1
Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Vanilla 4
Se7en: The Advanced Metabolic Agent for Hardcore Women 1
Surge Post-Workout Recovery Drink, 16 servings Flavor: Chocolate 1
Surge Post-Workout Recovery Drink, 16 servings Flavor: Raspberry 1
ZMA Anabolic Mineral Support 2

Ordered from the site for the $50 discount (which is really a free bottle of Se7en and $10 off the way i see it). I may need to get more Metabolic Drive for the transition phase but I can order that once I get close. If I decide to go with 4 HOT-ROX a day I’ll just grab it locally.

After i hit the gym I’m going to swing by the supermarket to grab:

Fiber Choice - Sugar Free
Natural PB
Cold Milled Golden Flax Seed

Great I am glad you re-checked. Now it is go, go, go!! When do you officially start?


I plan on starting the day after my shipment arrives. My only concern is that I am going to the wedding of a family friend and need to make sure the date of the wedding and a HSM coincide. Realistically I will adjust the date of the HSM to work for that week (Sept 18th) but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Any clue how long it takes for shipments to arrive? It’d be awesome if I could start this weekend.

Ok I have everything but the Flax Seed. Where did you guys (and gals) get yours? I have found some but it was only marked “Select” or “Premium” cold milled flax seed with no indication as to weather it was gold or brown.

[quote]paintballny wrote:
Ok I have everything but the Flax Seed. Where did you guys (and gals) get yours? I have found some but it was only marked “Select” or “Premium” cold milled flax seed with no indication as to weather it was gold or brown.


i haven’t heard anything about the distinction between gold and brown flax seed (i.e. this is the first i am hearing of such a distinction). for me, the rule has been “if the only ingredient listed is Cold Milled Flax Seed, it fits the bill”…
anyways, i got mine at the local “natural food” store, but health food stores will likely have it too.

Got mine at good old Walmart. I think it was in the flour aisle. I don’t know the difference between brown or gold. You might have to research that.

Looks like you are ready for a go. I will start Monday.

Stay strong!


Sounds good. My Shipment is scheduled to arrive the 3rd which puts my start date as the 4th on September. I’ll be a couple days behind you.

I ended up grabbing some cold milled flax seed at a local supermarket. Its from “Health from the sun” and I tossed 2 tbsp into my shake before and it tasted fine so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Then again I am a “grin and bear it” kinda guy.

From now till the start of my diet I’ll continue to clean up my diet and settle back into my lifting schedule.

Home for the weekend. Not drinking on a holiday weekend kinda blows but I’ve gone 9 months without a drink in the past so a month or two isn’t going to be too tough after the first weekend.

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