Sick and Tired: Trying The V-Diet

To make a long story short… I was recently re-reading a book by Dan John and ran across one of his many articles and mentions of the Velocity Diet. I have found that I make progress in the fat loss arena only when it becomes a priority. The slow, steady routine that many people advocate doesn’t seem to work for me. That’s my n=1. So, after gaining a bunch over the last holiday, I decided to go to war.
My history is basically this, I am a 57 year old man, that has been fat most of my life. Last year I started lifting weights using barbells in my garage after going out to dinner with my wife and a friend and I watched an elderly lady struggle to get out of the SUV she was riding in and then not be able to shut the door. She was in a walker, and was frail. I resolved that I would not be a 60 year old man in a walker. So, I started lifting. I started out with Starting Strength, used the 5x5 program, then I found Wendler’s 5/3/1 which I followed for about a year. I lift in my garage by myself in a power rack, and when my squat hit 340, I honestly started getting a little scared of lifting that much weight by myself, so like a dummy, I took a week off… which turned in to 2 weeks, then 3months. I recently started lifting again, and have gone back to the Starting Strength program.
So, I started the Velocity Diet on Friday, January 13… I weighed in at 281 on Wednesday before starting the diet. I started this log to track my progress.

Since starting this journey, I have learned a few things about this diet, and the way my body responds. The first 2 days were pretty rough. Headache, hunger, then the diarrhea kicked in. The headache was not surprising, as any time I go low carb I get a headache. It doesn’t matter if it is Atkins, or Paleo, or any other “low carb diet” I get a headache. I just drive through it. The diarrhea kind of caught me by surprise though. I usually have the other problem when I got “high protein”. To further “complicate” matters, several years ago I had my gallbladder removed, so I get digestive issues from time to time. After the second day, I started getting “bubble guts” followed by diarrhea. It dawned on me that without the gallbladder, I don’t store up digestive enzymes like most people, I have a constant slow trickle from the liver, so I occasionally use Digetive Enzymes to help. I started taking the enzymes with each shake and the “bubble guts” have pretty much been handled.
The daily HSM is really appreciated. I really look forward to sitting down and actually chewing my food and savoring the meal. So far, my HSM has been a big salad with some grilled chicken or steak on it. I use olive oil and some salt and pepper as a dressing. In the past when the wife and I have a meal together, I generally finish first. Over the last few days, I have slowed down, and have been finishing well after her. I have tried to take the “mindful eating” thing to heart.
I will weigh myself on Saturdays during the next 4 weeks and we shall see what we see.

Day 6 down. Continue using the Digestive Enzymes, and have added sugar free Metamucil to help things move along. The biggest “problem” I have experienced so far is feeling light headed, which subsides after the HSM. My HSM remains a large salad and about 6-8 ounces of grilled chicken breast. Very satisfied after the meal.

Had a workout today. Used Plasma for the first time. Taste isn’t too bad, and I was surprised at how my energy level did not drop off during the workout. And no “buzz” like a lot of pre-workouts give you. Followed up the workout with a big salad and grilled chicken breast and a small sweet potato. Felt very satisfied.

Had a long weekend. Most of it spent getting prepped for a colonoscopy on Monday. Fortunately, I had already spent a week on a realtively low residue diet, and getting “hunger pangs” controlled, so the clear liquid diet on Saturday and the laxative and clear liquids on Sunday weren’t all that horrible. OK, I lied, they ARE horrible, but the hunger usually associated with this kind of procedure was much more easily dealt with due to the velocity diet. The “easy” part is the procedure itself, which is made so much better with the anesthesia… Propofol is goooooood stuff. I can see why Michael Jackson liked it…
Once I was released, I went right back to the diet protocol. A shake on the way home, then a salad and chicken breast as my HSM.
I did weight in on Saturday. I am down 6 lbs so far.
I gaffed off the V-Burn on the weekend, since I was on a clear liquid diet on Saturday and took a strong laxative on Sunday… Didn’t seem prudent to me to do strenuous stuff in the middle of a colon prep…
I do plan on getting back in tot he garage gym on Tuesday. Already have the Plasma mixed and waiting in the fridge…

Well, the workout didn’t happen. Was very tired after work. Did not sleep well yesterday after the procedure, so I will get in to the garage on Wednesday.
Back in to the groove with the shakes and HSM. Not really having much hunger, though my stomach lets me know when it is time for another shake. The light headedness I was experiencing last week seems to have dissipated.

Sounds like you’re pretty well on track so far. One thing I’d recommend though is including some good carbs in the daily HSM, like the plan recommends,no just every once in while like it sounds like you might’ve been doing. That would go a long way towards clearing up some of the issues (the headaches and whatnot).

As long as you’re training hard, a reasonable serving of good carbs (like potato or rice, not Wonderbread or Skittles) is totally fine, some would say necessary for optimal recovery and performance.

Other than that, keep doing your thing. Did you do a weigh-in or measurement progress check yet?

Thanks for the input Chris.
The headaches have cleared up, and early in week 1 I added a small sweet potato to a couple of the HSMs, and the problem is gone. I have been adding a small sweet potato to the HSM after my workouts, as recommended. I did do a weigh in on Saturday and I was down 6 lbs from my starting weight. So far, so good.

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So, I got home yesterday after work and had every intention of getting in my squats etc, but was exhausted. So, I went to bed an hour early, got up and got my workout in before going to work. I work nights, so my sleep is sometimes really crappy because my body knows it is light outside and just doesn’t want to play along. I have pretty good sleep hygiene, in that the room I sleep in is on the north side of the house, I have window tinting film on the glass, a room darkening shade, blinds and a dark curtain over the window. I wear earplugs and a welders cap pulled down over my eyes. I have tried the sleep masks, but they let light in, and never stay in place for very long. The welders cap stays in place and very little light gets in to disturb me, and it is more comfortable to wear than the mask. I also take L-theanine, 5-HTP, GABA and ZMA before bed to help with sleep, try not to use electronic devices 1/2 hour before bed etc. Even with all of those precautions, my sleep is usually not optimal. So, I am tired when I get home from work. All of that was said as a preface to a hack I am going to try for my workouts.
Today I went to bed an hour early, got up an hour early and did my workout before going to work. It worked out pretty well, so I may start doing it on a regular basis so I can get my workouts in as planned.
Which brings me to Plasma. If I workout before going to work, I will train before I eat, so Plasma will be necessary to help fuel the workout in a fasted state.
I also discovered tonight why they say don’t let Plasma sit for more than 24 hours… I mixed up a batch on Tuesday for a workout on Wednesday that did not get done until very late on Wednesday, and the Plasma had a “fermeted” taste to it. It worked, but the taste was off. From now on, I will mix the Plasma before going to bed, and then use it when I get up for my workouts…

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Changed my HSM a little today. instead of chicken and salad, I had about 7.5 oz of grilled pork tenderloin, and I had some zucchini and onion sautéed in olive oil as the veg. Seasoned the veggies with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. It was really tasty, and filled me up, and the zucchini has bupkis for calorie content. I may have to do this one again…
I have been giving the change in work out timing some further consideration. I am going to give it a go, but that means I will be moving the timing of my HSM from my “evening” meal to “breakfast”. I think this meets the intent of the program, even though it does not go by exactly what is written in the book. So, next week I will be eating my HSM after my workout, and having shakes for the rest of the day. Life is just one big experiment…

Weighed today. Down another 2 lbs. Will hit the squat rack today, get some overhead pressing and dead lifting in as well…

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Didn’t get the lifting in on Saturday due to visitors, but I did get it done on Sunday. By the end of the session, I wasn’t gassed, but pretty tired. Followed the workout with a HSM of zucchini, onions, and pork tenderloin and a small sweet potato. All of the weights on my lifts are still going up every session.
grilled some chicken breast and pork tenderloin for my meals this week.

Yep, the “daily HSM meal” isn’t so much about specific timing, as long as you stick to the same principles (good protein source, good carbs, veggies). If breakfast works better for you, go for it.

Diet continues. Nothing has really changed. I have made a couple of observations, though. The first is that I have become very sensitive to caffeine, or more sensitive to it. Any more than a couple of cups of coffee and I start getting palpitations. The second is that I really don’t crave coffee like I used to. My “normal” routine is to have a pot of coffee every day when I get up. In the last week or so, I really haven’t been all that interested in coffee after the first cup. Because of the “lack” of interest, I have started making my coffee in a french press, which makes the coffee I do drink more flavorful, and it extracts a bit more caffeine. Using a regular coffee maker was leaving a lot of wasted coffee. I had tried using it for making my shakes, but then I got the shakes and palpitations, so I stopped doing that. The french press only makes a cup, so no waste, and I get the caffeine kick I want, but not enough to send me over the edge.

Got in a work out before work today. Squats and bench press. Followed the workout with a meal of eggs, spinach and sweet potato. The diet doesn’t seem to have affected my strength, my squat has gone up 30 lbs since I started, as has my deadlift. Granted, I started a little low after the long layoff I had, and am using a novice linear progression to get back to where I was before the layoff. Getting back in to the routine, developing the habit of lifting consistently, has been a side benefit of the dietary regimen. By focusing on consistency and discipline in the diet, it is rubbing off on my workouts. Funny how that kinda thing happens…

Got in another work out today. Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. Squats are at body weight, or darn close to it. Will know on Saturday when I do my weigh in. Did the getting up early routine, and I had far more energy to do the lifts than trying to do them after I get home from work.

Friday starts week 4.

Saturday weigh in- down another 2 lbs. So far that makes 11 lbs lost. spent the rest of the day outside taking care of a scar wood and brush pile.
Sunday hit the garage for a lift session. Hit body weigh squats and did some bench press. The Plazma really helped get me through this session. I should have had a shake when I got up, but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to not eat anything until after the lifting was done. Stomach was growling loudly by the time I was done lifting. Post-workout meal was some rice, zucchini, scrambled eggs and bacon in a stir-style meal. This was probably the biggest meal I’ve had in the last 4 weeks.
I am really starting to look forward to eating some solid food on a regular basis. It’s not that I am craving sweets, or fruit or any particular thing. I am really just want to chew some solid food.

Diet continues… I had a large salad and a chuck eye steak for my HSM… that steak was very tasty. Reinforced my desire for solid food.
I have been considering how I want to transition out of the V-Diet. I think the first week out, I will replace a shake with a meal, and the following week, I will add a third meal to replace the shakes. If calories are too low, I can add a shake during the day to fill the void and hit protein levels. I am thinking that I will give carb cycling a go. I was considering going a keto diet, though a strict carb cycling diet is dang near keto anyway. I have a copy of the T Nation article on carb cycling for beginners to use as a reference.

Got in a work out today, after a crappy afternoon of sleep. Got in some squats, overhead press and deadlifts. The Plasma really helps get through these “fasted” workouts. Meal afterwards was kale, zucchini, chuck eye steak, onions on a bed of rice.

Interesting occurrence tonight. This has never happened to me while on this program. After finishing my meal, I was really very full, and didn’t get hungry again for about 8 hours… I probably over-ate, or something I ate didn’t agree with me and was having difficulty passing out of the stomach. I don’t know. just an observation… I’m certainly not going to stress over it… just carry on… I think this is day 27 of the program…

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