Sick and Tired of Being Fat and Tired

Well, where do I start. three years ago I started to work as a personal trainer. I was ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified and fitness was a passion. I was a decent personal trainer mainly because I was so passionate about fitness and what it did for me, I was able to infect others the same way. I also practiced what I preached.

After working in the industry for two years I was hired by the police department. The academy broke… no destroyed my good habits. I like to take personal accountability when I should, and I should. I can’t blame them too much. I went from eating every three hours like clock work from the last 8 years… to eating 2-3 times daily.

I was a finely tuned machine prior to getting hired. 195lbs and 9% body fat upon getting hired. Well, because it is para-military they really treat you like crap. Eating in class, the hallway, the BATHROOM! NO WAY! That would be your ass! I was sick to my stomach for the first 6-8 weeks because I could feel this burning sensation coming up my throat. I’m sure it was my body screaming, “where the heck is the food?!?” Couple eating 2-3x’s a day with way too much running on concrete (my knees, ankles and back were screaming!) along with a terribly designed strength training program and you get this. 17%bf at 205lbs. That is almost double my starting bf%! I traded a ton of muscle for fat. wow.

Anyway, I am here to start the V-Diet, kick my terrible craving for greasy foods, kick start my ass back in to regularly making it to the gym, and this very second I am taking back my old level of fitness! FUCK blaming others. It is time for some personal accountability. It starts here. Today. I just placed my order. I will post measurements, bf%, lean weight, fat weight and pictures along with some updates about how I am managing.

Thanks for listening

CC55, you’ve chosen a solid, proven program to get started getting back to the shape you want to be in. Props for that, and taking responsibility for your own health. Too many people blame everything and everybody else. You’ll do well!!


In my experience, anyone who drops the F-bomb when they decided to tackle the V-Diet is the type of person who will succeed and kick the V-Diet’s V-ass.

Keep us posted!

It’s up to you to change the typical cop image…down with Krispy Kreme!

I totally echo your sentiments, its amazing how being in the “service” field i.e. Fire Fighter, Nursing, Law Enforcement etc. and that lifestyle is the exact recipe for disaster. Long sporadic hours at a moments notice (who likes being on-call for anything), readily available crappy food, constant stress and sporadic sleeping patterns. The ironic thing is we are suppose to be the healthiest. Good luck man!

Welcome fellow Chicagoan! We have an amazing city to get in all sorts of NEPA!

Wow! I can’t believe so many people responded! Thanks for the support. I’ll take measurements and pics when my sups are confirmed to be on the way.

I re-ordered today. I should get my supps in a few days. I’ll take measurements and pics thursday or friday. Time to buckle in and relinquish to the idea of being hungry constantly. Anyone know where to go to get a dexa scan?

[quote]chicagocopper55 wrote:
I re-ordered today. I should get my supps in a few days. I’ll take measurements and pics thursday or friday. Time to buckle in and relinquish to the idea of being hungry constantly. Anyone know where to go to get a dexa scan?[/quote]

Actually, a surprising number of people complain about being too FULL during the V-Diet. But everyone is a little different.

And don’t worry about the DEXA scan. Even those can be inaccurate. Just get your tape measurements and pics taken. That and scale weight are all you really need.

Ten-four! Pretty excited. Can’t wait to knock this out. I start a month long vacation on April 23. I’m hoping to be hallfway done with phase one by the time that comes along. I just bought a new motorcycle and want to look fit while riding it. Kawasaki Ninja zx-6r! It should be getting nicer here in Chicago in about a months time. It would be nice not to be embarrased to remove my shirt again.

Height 6’02"
Weight 204lbs (no clue how many stones)
Neck 14.75
Shoulders 49
Chest - Upper 43
Chest - Lower 39.75 (measured from a 1/2" below my nipple line)
Waist - at Navel 36.5
Waist - at largest 36.75
Hips - at largest 35.25
ASS- at its largest 41.75
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 13.5
Upper Leg - L 25.25
Upper Leg - R 25.75
Lower Leg - L 19.25
Lower Leg - R 18.75
Ankle - L 10.25
Ankle - R 10.5
Calf -R 16.5
Calf -L 16

BF% 20.25

[quote]chicagocopper55 wrote:
It would be nice not to be embarrased to remove my shirt again.[/quote]

This should be the V-Dieters anthem. Cheers to you. Make sure your last meal is a good one!

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:
chicagocopper55 wrote:
It would be nice not to be embarrased to remove my shirt again.

This should be the V-dieters anthem. Cheers to you. Make sure your last meal is a good one! [/quote]

I agree. I’m waiting for the day when I can go running outside with no shirt on, mainly because it’s hot in Texas, not because I want every girl I pass to stare at me :wink:

copper, isn’t your thread title the name of a Nappy Roots song?

I’m sick and tired of bein’ criticized
I’m sick and tired of barely gettin’ by
I’m sick and tired of not livin’ right
I’m sick and tired of bein’ fat and tired.

Keep workin’ it, brother.

HA! I think the problem is that every meal from the last year was a good one! Just received my supps in the mail about ten minutes ago. Official start will be tomorrow. I’ll post pictures soon. I need to get a friend over here to take them.

I agree - I LOVE food. I eat seemingly healthy foods and love them so much that I eat too many of them. Isn’t their delivery fantastic?
Use the timer on your camera! I wouldn’t dare have someone take my pictures! Then again I am a chick and hold the normal insecurities associated with the presense of estrogen.

The title made me think of this currently popular song that goes something like: I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired…[fade out because I know no more words]

I’m pretty excited to be starting tomorrow. I just went out and bought myself a new stopwatch (old one broke) and bought a few new shaker bottles. Can’t wait to get this underway. I can’t believe how damn out of shape and fat that I let myself get. I’m mentally prepared to stop eating real food. I need to see this fat melt off.

I am using a replacement for HOT-ROX though. I already had a fat burner that I bought a month ago and I don’t want to buy a second one. Especially since there was that disclaimer that HOT-ROX was not a necessity. I’ll be using Kaizens Herba Lean with Hoodia.


I just finished my first workout. I stayed true to the rest interval and rep/set scheme. I didn’t feel that it was hard. Broke a little bit of a sweat but didn’t feel like I was busting my ass. I wonder if I should be doing the advanced?

From my understanding this isn’t supposed to be too hard to avoid crushing your CNS. Is that right?? I think I will wait till this first week is over before I make any changes. I’m thinking my next workout will be much tougher with the 40 rep requirement. Also one or two exercises I had to change the weight due to it being a smidge too easy on the first set.

Maybe next time will be harder from knowing the correct poundage to use the first set. I pretty much was grinding out 3 or 4 reps for every subsequent set after I picked the right weight. Any advice?


I generally do 2-3 warm up sets for all of my lifts using a weight that I think might be too light. If it’s too light I up it. Then I start counting when I reach my working weight. For example, (and remember I’m a girl) on my DB Bench Press I knew I could do 35s for 3x9 so I warmed up with 30 for 2x3 and then swapped out for 40s and started my work set from there.

And, that first workout isn’t supposed to be that taxing on your system. I wear a HR monitor that calculates cals burned and throughout the whole WO I only burned some 250 cals or so. But taking into account the fact that I am only eating 1710 cal on WO days, also doing NEPA, and already have a maintenance of 2200 there is an obivious deficit. Plus my delts are a smidge sore still 2 days later.

I’m a little hesitant to post my pictures. I have some tattoos that identify me and I kind of want to remain anonymous. I will also say that pictures have put things in perspective for me. I can’t believe I am this out of shape. Shittttt. BTW I am friggin hungry! I have a stomach like a cow. Which means I think I have two stomachs? Does that mean I can double my met drive shake intake? :stuck_out_tongue: About to do my NEPA in a little bit. Does anyone ride their bicycles for their NEPA? Obviously a easy pace and nothing too strenuous. I have always liked biking and I think that will be my NEPA of choice.

Holy fucking moly! My neighbor across the hall is cooking pasta COATED IN PARMESAN CHEESE!!! I went for my NEPA walk bc the hunger demons were getting to me. Heightened sense of smell? I should say so. Man. I was going to shoulder in the door and announce I was the police and confiscate his pasta… for police investigation of course. Ha. Okay. Time for meal numbe… I mean shake number four.

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