Sibling Rivalry, Velocity Diet Challenge

First off a big Texas Howdy! I’ve been reading Testosterone for a few years now, not coincidentally almost exactly as long as I’ve been lifting weights. I’ve been a bit of a nerd all my life and was never very athletic, but really that’s a poor excuse for having been sedentary with poor dietary habits. So a few years ago when I reached my peak at 215 with a 36 inch waist (at age 20!)

I decided that it was time to at least look more like an athlete. So as any good nerd would do I read for hours before ever lifting a weight!

So using training plans from this site and Biotest supplements I got down to 165 and a 31 inch waist, but still looked like a nerd. Over time I’ve put on some more weight (most of it muscle…I hope) and stand at 6’1 and weigh 195 lbs. Unfortunately I’ve been to relaxed in my eating me thinks because I only feel comfortable shirtless if I suck in my gut.

At the same time, I’ve got my sister who is now half way through completing Med School. Before getting accepted, she worked for years as an ambulance driver and between that job (look at the average paramedic and you’ll realize they literally run on Big Gulps) and school related stress she’s gained more than she ever wanted to.

So together, starting May 18th, we are going through the V-Diet so that I can lean up and see all that muscle I’ve worked for and she can slim down and see those toes! (JK sis) I’ll post my pics and stats later in this week before the diet starts. I’ve read others’ threads on this board and I know that I can count on ya’ll for support.

Glad to have you both here. We look forward to following your progress!

Any question for me specifically, be sure to post them in the Ask Chris thread so I’ll be sure to see them.

OK! So today marks the first day of the diet and both my sister and I are pumped! I’ve been drinking these shakes for a few years and have never had a problem with the flavors, and my sister is definitely enjoying them too. I’m going to take and post pictures and measurements tonight, but my weight this morning was 193.5. Honestly I’m hoping that the high protein and killer training program will help me gain some muscle and keep my scale weight up while losing the inches. Chris, I posted a question in your ask Chris forum. Gotta say that I’ve always enjoyed reading your stuff ever since you joined the site. Keep up the good work!

Glad to see some fellow Texans taking a crack at the V-Diet. I finish up with week 3 today, and all I can say is it really does the trick. There were some bumps along the road early on, but thats to be expected. Eventually it just becomes routine. I can sympathize with your sister as a Firefighter/EMT myself. Alot of the guys run on fast food and soda, and their physiques, or lack there of, show it. Ill be rooting for the both of yall. Make Texas proud =)

Alright, so like lots of others have mentioned the photos can be a real eye opener. I was especially surprised by the side shots, had no idea I was that wide. Anyways the first day went just fine and I’m half way through the second. My first workout was pretty killer with the short rest periods (I’m doing the intermediate workouts while my sister is doing the beginner) but I felt invigorated when I was done. Then I had my shake and took a nice walk with my girlfriend through the neighborhood. Without further ado, here’s me from the front…minus the face and my junk.

From the back

And from the side

On day 3 now and still going strong. The biggest challenges I’ve encountered so far have been hunger and lethargy. I’m hoping that as my body starts using its fat stores for energy both of those will decrease, but for the moment I’m just pressing ahead. It helps to tell myself each time my stomach growls that it’s fat cells calling for mercy…it gives me some twisted satisfaction that way :).

My sister is actually reporting that she’s not been hungry at all, just had some mega food cravings. She’s actually having trouble drinking all of the shakes she says! I think it’s a pretty good problem to have on a diet when you don’t want to have all the calories prescribed. She nearly killed me last night too when she was describing her plans for our HSM this Saturday…grilled tilapia tacos with whole wheat tortillas, a large salad, and brussel sprouts. Can’t wait.

The morning of day 4 and I’m starting to feel a little better overall. A large part of this I think is the motivation I got this morning when my pants buttoned without my having to “suck it in”. However my shakes seem to be getting more difficult to get down, in fact my body seems to be almost rejecting the idea.

It’s kinda funny, but I’ll feel super hungry like ten or fifteen minutes before my shake time and then when I go to actually make the shake I’m not hungry anymore at all. My stomach will NOT beat out my brain though, and I keep telling myself that these aren’t just shakes they are fat burning fuel.

On the training side things are going pretty well in general. The workout last night was super tough, I was panting and sweating profusely halfway through the step ups. I chose these over the reverse lunges because I’ve never had great balance and anything other than a static lunge is extremely difficult to do for long sets. Very happy though when I was done, had a warm glowing sense of accomplishment like all good workouts should give you.

Alrighty, day 5 is here and I’m feeling stronger than ever! Last night went to the symphony and forgot to bring my last shake with me…resulting in about 5 hours of fasting. It was a little tough, but I thought of some of the others on the diet (especially Htowner) and some of the stuff they’ve gone through (hard work, illness, hospital visits etc.) and figured it was nothing. Plus that last shake was the most delicious so far!

I’m still a little sore from Wednesday, but looking forward to the workout tonight regardless. Of the three big leg exercises on the Intermediate plan deadlifts are by far my favorite. I am a little sad though that I’ll have to do the pulldowns tonight because I can’t get 9 pullups quite yet, maybe when I drop a bit more of this fleshy weight vest.

One special request for the Biotest guys…any work being done on a savory shake? I’m thinking something like the Willy Wonka full course meal gum. It would be so much easier/more fun to do this diet if the shakes themselves tasted like HSMs :slight_smile:

[quote]ashaman17 wrote:

One special request for the Biotest guys…any work being done on a savory shake? I’m thinking something like the Willy Wonka full course meal gum. It would be so much easier/more fun to do this diet if the shakes themselves tasted like HSMs :)[/quote]

I’ll second the request for a savory shake. I’m on Day 20 and have been craving salt for the past several days. I put salt on the top of my chocolate “pudding” shake yesterday…did not taste too bad.

Ok, so I guess I let this slide for a while. I’m still going strong and so is my sister, both of us are starting to see some positive results already. Hoping these keep on coming!

Friday’s workout taught me that Deadlifts are great…but deadlifts with short rest periods are brutal. I wouldn’t have been able to do many at all if I hadn’t recently purchased the Haulin’ hooks reviewed on this site. They are absolutely wonderful devices, perfect for guys like me with decently large legs and tiny little girl hands.

Saturday instead of having a HSM with my sister I helped her move…and then helped her friend move. So plenty of NEPA was done and we savored a wonderful meal at a local restaurant. I had a large grilled salmon salad and she had the grilled mahi mahi with asparagus and broccoli. It probably was not the best tasting food I’ve ever had but it sure tasted like it!

Sunday had my first V-Burn and the lack of cardio in my life showed. I was gasping for air at the end of each round and it showed in my time…38:38. I am determined to beat that time next week by at least five minutes, see if I don’t!

After the weekend it’s been pretty much back to usual. I’ve really stopped experiencing most of the cravings and hunger pangs by now, and my nausea from the HOT-ROX is gone entirely. The workouts continue to kick my ass, especially the push press for some reason. It’s odd that I’ve done seated barbell shoulder presses with more weight than I’m using on these and not felt so worn out. It’s probably just a lack of energy by the time I get to them.

Only two and a half weeks left to go! Can’t wait to see if I have abs hidden away somewhere.

Well it’s been a while since I checked in and although I’m sure this isn’t the most popular thread I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking I washed out. Still going, still drinking the shakes and resisting the temptations (today is doughnut day at the office…evil) getting in my nepa walks though they aren’t always quite as long as I would like. The workouts are going well, Wednesdays are killer still with the push presses and step-ups.

The weight loss and shrinking waistline have been satisfying so far, but I still hope to see more improvements up to and beyond the transition phase. I won’t post any “after” pictures for at least another week but the changes in the mirror are definitely noticable.

In summary, I’m in the grind right now and just keeping my head down.

Glad to see you’re still with us. Looks like you’re doing well on this diet. We may not be posting, but we’re watching out for you!

Well this weekend is my birthday weekend (although actual birthday isn’t until Monday) so I’ll be traveling down to San Antonio to see family. I’m bringing my hamilton beach blender with me, a shaker bottle, and of course the “gear” for the diet. Glad I’m driving and not flying! I’m not planning on “cheating” for the weekend, still hoping to get in my shakes and nepa will easily come from touring downtown and walking the riverwalk.

Unfortunately though I won’t be getting in this week’s Friday workout today, if the hotel gym has the equipment I’ll try to do something tomorrow morning to approximate. Still no use sweating it since I don’t think one missed workout will result in significant muscle loss. Besides, maybe this time my glutes and hamstrings will actually be pain free for a few days!

This diet is truly great, but I can’t wait to taste my girlfriend’s cooking again :slight_smile:

[quote]AmyGottsch wrote:
Glad to see you’re still with us. Looks like you’re doing well on this diet. We may not be posting, but we’re watching out for you! [/quote]

Thanks for the quiet encouragement Amy, I had been tracking your husband and yours’ progress (not sure of the grammar with that sentence) and was truly impressed by you both.

Your graph was particularly great, it makes me wish I had actually been tracking me measurements. I realized I shouldn’t pay too much attention to the scale, but mostly have been relying on the mirror and my belt to keep track of progress. Hope the transition is going swell!

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