Sibellius's V-Diet Log 2.0

I’ve used the V-Diet in the past and had decent results. Had to get off early last time because I ran out of money but now is a different situation. I’m back in the college dorms and still low on cash, but I don’t have the luxury of having enough time to play around with different workout and diet combinations. I’m going back to what I know works.

I’m 21, 224 lbs, around 22-25% body fat. I’m in the Marines and slated to deploy mid-May and my goal is to be back in my “right out of boot camp” shape. I also have a fitness test coming up mid-April and would like to top all my other scores.

I am starting the diet a little short handed, with a low supply of Metabolic Drive and generic fish oil. My resupply shipment is due in on Thursday so I will have to get by with what I have.


Made it all the way to dinner before running out of Metabolic Drive and had to switch over to another protein powder which has roughly the same nutritional value (but yes I know, lower quality ingredients and not to mention a shitty taste). Its much easier getting over the cravings having gone through this before.


I’ll be doing the beginner workout as I haven’t consistently been to the gym for awhile.

Made it to the gym around 10 pm.

I have what I feel are very weak legs for a person my size. I got through the squats without much trouble and the dumbbell presses took me a couple more sets. This was the first time I tried the outdoor section of the school gym and unbeknownst to me they closed an hour earlier then the rest of the facility. One of the gym employees came and kicked me out of there mid-set and that kind of threw off my rhythm.

Now into the much more crowded indoor section filled with 50 frat guys doing bicep curls in the mirror. I managed to squeeze onto one of the benches for the rows. I had a lot of trouble with the rows, not because of the lift itself but because the fatigue of my legs from the squats. It took me about 10 sets to get those done as it felt like my legs were going to collapse.

On the way to the mat for the planks, I saw some kid without a spotter about to kill himself bench pressing and ran over and spotted him. He awkwardly jumped up and shook my hand and introduced himself and scurried away.

I encountered the same problem with the planks. My legs were shot, which was typical after a long break from working out.

Walked home and got some Surge in my system then went out on a 3 mile NEPA walk.

One day down!

Nice work!



Woke up pretty sore from yesterdays workout, especially legs.

I’m already getting sick of these temporary shakes, they taste gross, can’t wait till my Biotest stuff gets here on Friday.

I forgot to clarify in my last post that I’m not totally using the low-rent supps. I still have a decent stock of Surge, Superfood, and HOT-ROX.

My body is not liking the shitty protein and felt pretty fatigued and shaky all day. The cravings started up real quick, especially on today’s NEPA walk after going by the college pizza places.

I was thinking about my overall goals. I have until April 18th, by Marine Corps regulation, to get under 215. Thats a total loss of 10 pounds in 4 weeks, or 2.5 pounds a week. For someone at my BF level and from my previous experience on the V-Diet, I expect to smash that. My personal goal is to get to 204, about what I was when I graduated boot camp. My main motivation is I’ll be considered non-deployable if I’m over the weight limit or fail this upcoming fitness test. I joined the Marines to deploy and see the world, and believe it or not my unit doesn’t get many chances to go out, so I’m not going to let this slip by.

I also decided I am rewarding myself with a big plate of spaghetti at one of my favorite Italian places if I make my 204 goal.

Going to go try to occupy my mind with some video games now…

2 days down!


Wow and I thought it wouldn’t get worse after Day 2. I was limping around like an old man with a bad case of arthritis all day. My legs were pretty much shot. Stairs were the enemy.

I noticed, and this may be either because of the calorie restriction or the quality of the temporary ingredients I’m using, that if you don’t get a full eight hours rest then you are dead all day. I felt like a zombie walking around after only about five hours sleep, managed to squeeze in a little bit of a nap between the gym and classes.

I stopped by my parents house and resisted the urge to weigh myself. That’s for Saturday!

At the gym, I was not very pleased with my performance. I had never really utilized the deadlift in any of my workouts before, even though I constantly hear about how great of a lift it is. I also hear how its one of the most hated along with the squat.

It was a real reality check today when it came to my strength when attempting the RDL. I’ve always known I had relatively weak legs and core but not this bad. I had to drop down to 95 lbs to be able to even come close to the desired 14-16 reps and that I’m thinking may have still been too heavy.

Its embarrassing. I am shooting for a much better performance next week, as there may be less of a fatigue factor and plus its a new lift altogether for me. In the meantime, I want to practice the form and just work on keeping my back straight.

I know that the lifts that kick your ass the most are the ones you’ll get the most gains on, so overall I’m looking forward to keeping the deadlift in my routines.

No problems with the other lifts. Got lucky and got the right weight on the first try.

I worked until 11 pm last night and was exhausted. Between walking to work and school everyday I at least walk 2-3 miles a day without the planned walks so I missed mine yesterday. No class or work today so I’ll definitely make up for it.

My shipment came a day early so things are looking up!


Not sure if its the better quality supplements or the excess sleep I’m getting lately, but I’m feeling a lot better overall.

Yesterday was an off-day so just did a 30 minute NEPA walk in 40-50 mph gusts of wind.

Had a dream last night about pigging out on fast food. Very relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

DAY 5 and DAY 6

Still on track. Fridays workout was tough. Deadlifts kick my ass but thats all the better for me. Like Mondays workout, I had problems with the plank hold because of the fatigue in my legs. I was going to post a question in the Q&A topic to see if it would be appropriate to substitute another ab exercise in there when that happens.

Friday was also my first real test. I went to my friends birthday party. Didn’t touch a drop of alcohol. Managed even to fit in some beer pong and had a designated drinker.

On Saturday, I helped my friend move for some much needed $$$. Felt bad having to turn down the free food she offered me but I had a HSM to look forward to that night. Had a big steak and shrimp with some steamed vegetables. Food hasn’t taste that great in a long time.

Going to do the V-Burn challenge here in a few, looking forward to Mondays weigh in.


Did the V-Burn challenge shortly after I posted the last update. Took me 32 minutes to complete. I was very tired and almost disoriented at the end.

I fell off the wagon last night. I cracked and got some pizza. I’ve been stressing about a paper due and another shake at that point was going to drive me crazy. I’m mad at myself but I’ve jumped right back on track.

WEEK 1 Results

Starting weight: 224
Target Weight: 213
Goal Weight: 204

Week 1 Weigh In: 222
Change: -2 lbs

Depressing, utterly depressing. I woke up today, went to the bathroom, then booked it to the gym for a weigh in. I honestly was expecting to be under 220 at least. Results? 222. I only lost 2 pounds. Granted thats the standard for healthy weight loss, but someone with my BF should be capable of a much higher rate.

So I look back on this week and thought about what I’ve done wrong and what I could have done better. Obviously last nights pizza was one thing. I could work on getting a faster tempo in the workouts as well. It also has only been one week so I shouldn’t notice that much change.

I don’t know if I’m crazy but I think I do notice some minor differences in the pictures.

Well, back to the gym.

pizza is the bane of V-Diet’s existance!

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