Shugart... You've Created a Monster

I am of course referring to the V-Diet.

Quickie version of my story:

Last summer I tested at 47% BF at 301 pounds: a wake-up call to be sure. As a result I actively worked on the weight training and nutrition and have spent the last three months at about 260 lbs (most recently 30.1% BF). However, it was impossible for me to break 258 lbs, as I was hovering there for 3 months.

Enter the V-Diet.

I’ve only completed 2 days, i.e. this morning is my third, and I weigh 251.2 lbs. Technically if I was at 251.2 lbs after the V-Diet I’d be happy-- but now it’s on. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes: hopefully this is more of a trend and less of a fluke!

Thank you Shugart, and all of the T-Nation posters that make the diet so much more real and achievable.

pics and stats?

That’s great man, I had a similar situation… I would lose, hover, lose, hover, lose, hover… right before the V-Diet I was stuck hovering at ~240…

Now I’m down to 228 and I’ve still got more to go…

It is remarkable how much you lose in the first couple of days due to water… I thought I was over the water weight phase.

Nice work, imb4.

While the first pound or two of the V-Diet may come from the loss of “water weight” (common with all reduced-carb plans), the breaking of a weight loss plateau can be very motivating.

…And that will get you rolling nicely into what’s next: pure fat loss along with changes in cravings, food preferences, and a new sense of dietary control.

Keep us posted!

[quote]TKDCadet04 wrote:
pics and stats?[/quote]

I will post pics at the end for sure. I’m keeping track of measurements on a spreadsheet at the moment… since I’m not technically doing a log per se, I figure just checking in will suffice.

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