Shtand's Velocity Diet


Began my first Velocity-Diet May 22nd, 09.

I’m a wellsite geologist and I am currently doing shift work. Over the last couple years poor eating habits and simply forgetting physical fitness on the rig has me feeling at least 10-15 pounds overweight. Usually I have fairly good training habits when I am home, but all this stopping and starting is not cutting it. Time to cut the excuses. I will, I HAVE TO, make the effort to drive into the nearest town with a gym every other day while in the field, and I will follow the diet to the letter. The start of each shift demands that I be awake straight for 1.5 to 3 days. I might struggle with the gym through this section, but no reason to give up.

Yesterday was my first day with the shakes. I thought I was going to be one-up coming into this because I have always enjoyed my protein shakes with water. Sadly, for whatever reason I am struggling with the flavoring of the Biotest shakes. I can’t get that taste out of my throat.

Also, I felt INCREDIBLY full all day yesterday. To the point of being uncomfortable. Normally I can pack in lots of food, but yesterday was a real struggle. Am I doing something dumb, like the spoon provided in the Biotest bins is actually equivalent to two scoops or something? It’s throwing my head for a loop wondering how the hell I’m supposed to lose weight when I feel like I just went back for seconds and thirds of a turkey dinner.

Pictures and some crude measurements up soon!

Before Pictures

Age: 23
Weight: 185 pds
Height: 5"10
Stomach at navel: 37"
@ largest: 37.5"
Chest upper: 41"
Chest lower: 38.5"
R bicep: 13.5"
L bicep: 13"
R leg lower: 14.5"
R leg upper: 21"
L leg lower: 14.5"
L leg upper: 20.5"

Man I thought I was tired some days but I haven’t been up for 3 days straight since college. Your gonna have to dig deep if you got a workout at the end of that shift. Kick it in the ass and do it. For the shake flavors heres what I do.

Slam the shake then fill up the glass with water again and drink that. I rinses out your mouth and the bottle all at once and keeps you hydrated as well. 3 birds for 1 stone. After a while I just got numb to the taste anyway. Keep on keepin on.

Waking up on day three!

Day two seemed much more manageable to me than the first. I think my shakes were spread out a little bit better and I didn’t feel near as full. I still have yet to feel hungry on this diet, but had some strong cravings yesterday.

Normally I do most of the cooking when I am home. It’s funny how my girlfriend turns into this master chef once I start the diet. She supports my goals, but is not yet convinced of my method. She’s definitely not afraid to eat good foods in front of me!

Last night we went out to watch my buddies band play… at freakin’ tubby dog of all places. Sure had fun watching everyone pound back hotdogs and beer!

I have discovered the shakes on their own actually taste quite good! Superfood and Leucine are now being shaken into a separate glass of water so that I can actually enjoy my shake. Is this cool?

Quads were killing me all day yesterday from the squats. Need to work on my ROM, I have a real tough time holding the bar like that. Work-out 2 today! Getting lots of NEPA too!

Today is day four and man am I struggling tonight.

I think the freshness and excitement of doing something new has worn off and I still have those cravings. Enjoying a little bit of mint extract with my chocolate supper shake, and I quite like it!

Workout two yesterday was intense. I was nearly collapsing on the floor during the rest periods while doing the reverse lunges. Perfect! Keeping a personal log and notes to dial in the weight amounts for round 2.

My girlfriend has told she notices my stomach being flatter. Sweet. Was tempted to doing a weigh-in today but resisted. If I stepped on the scale and didn’t see a change I would probably lose all motivation, so best just to avoid it until the proper time.

Getting tons of NEPA in just by going on walks and being active. Cleaned out the garage today! I leave for the field again in a few days… getting all packed up.

Rock on!

Heading out to the rig today.
The picture above is after hitting a gas-kick in the Gething Formation on one of my recent wells. When they first lit the flare it shot up higher than the very top of the derrick on the rig for a couple seconds. No one had ever seen that before. We lost 20 grand of drilling mud in 2 seconds when we couldn’t get the well shut in right away.

Waking up on day 6. Did my weigh in this morning because I won’t get another chance over the next couple days. 179.4!!! It’s been a couple years since I saw my weight in the 170s! I have been maintaining in the 180s for a while. Awesome.

Going to have my HSM today once I am out there after the nine hour drive, assuming the timing works. It’s already 9 AM and I still have some stuff to do before I hit the road. I’ll get my girlfriend to take some week 1 pictures soon.

So I didn’t get to have my HSM yesterday and it was a real let down. Or today. And probably not tomorrow either… Damnit I want that food so bad, there is just no time. Today was a day from hell dealing with a bunch of troubleshooting errors with some of my equipment at work. I’m on about 3 hours of sleep in the last 24 and I won’t get to go to bed tonight either.

Today I have spread out my shakes about 5 hours apart so that I can try and keep the same amount for a 24 hour period. But I’m wondering if that is not enough because I am not getting a rest/sleep time so my body will be burning a lot of extra calories. Any thoughts on how to go about this differently or am I doing the right thing?

I also owe a Vburn challenge which I did not get in over the last two days and will make up for at a later date.

Today is the morning of Day 9

After being awake for 55 of the previous 60 hours last night, I got my 6th wind. So, like an idiot I thought I would do my Intermediate Vburn!

Circuit 1 was torture. I realized instantly how tired my body truly was from no sleep. “I’m too tired, just do it another day.” I have no idea how but I think I went zombie mode through the first 2 circuits and was left gasping for water. I seem to have this inability to stop, I really pushed through circuit 3 and then basically fell into the nearby couch. “It’s too much right now, your body is too tired.” I lay there for a few minutes before I looked at my stopwatch. 21 minutes.

You can still do this in under 40 I thought and peeled my self off the leather. It’s not my original goal of under 30 but why fuck around with half of this thing just not to finish. The next 3 circuits I pushed it. I pushed it hard. I can’t remember the last time I felt so exhausted in my life. Just get to the jumping jacks I kept telling myself, I can do those. Until even those were torture. “One more set you fat fuck!”

Well… I made it all the way. My form was probably sloppy and next time I will be tighter, but this was a huge accomplishment for proving to myself I can push the limits. Not to mention I clocked in at 39:37! Woot!

I still haven’t had a chance to have my HSM. There just hasn’t been time. That will be tomorrow I believe, finally. I did get about 5 hours of sleep this morning too, and my second man shows up tomorrow so then I only have to work a 12 hour shift. Then life can go back to normal and I can make this diet my bitch!

Meant to get these up a while ago, from back at day 6

Front - Day 6

Side - Day 6

Back - Day 6

My first HSM which I had on Day 9.

Didn’t get through the entire steak, but most of it. The yam chips were baked in the oven with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, and oregano. Steamed broccoli with onion, garlic, and ginger. Loved it!

Haven’t been posting much, but I am still going strong. Just buy out on the rig right now.

Getting my workouts in. Polished off workout 7 today and felt great about it. The Canadian Women’s Olympic hockey team was actually training in the gym today… now those girls know what intensity is. Only problem was they were literally taking up all the equipment in the little gym so I had to NEPA on the treadmill for a while as they finished all their sets.

Down to 176 pounds. Tomorrow will be my second HSM on Day 14. I plan on making some veggie skewers plus a little bit of rice and spinach salad. A service company actually brought me some sirloin steaks for using some of their equipment so I will grill up one of those as well!

So far so good! I feel noticeably lighter on my feet now and I love it. Hopefully I will be able to get some more comparable pictures up next week.

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