Shredded in 6 Days

This is about your rewritten article

I had done something similar quite a few years ago, but my life went in a spiral, shortly after, so I never did write about it. Just thought I’d let you know. Has I pretty much lost everything since then, including my computer, I am sorry to say that is what I remember. I also have to say that I did it to see how my body would respond only. I was training for a competition (it never happened due to injury and sickness) and was using all of Biotests products and information.

Monday was a Pulse Fast for me. Using the old MAG-10, my carbs where staying in line. Using one scoop of SWF and Anaconda for the work out. I had, at the time, three of the big bottles you guys provided. It worked great.
Tuesday. It’s amazing the feeling you get after a Pulse. I ate nothing but bison and chicken. Of course, lots of water. you learn to not drink about an hour or so before eating a solid meal so you have space and not feel bloated.
Wednesday, same as Tuesday.
Thursday, another Pulse Fast. I did not bump up the water. Just a regular Fast.
Now, I have to say. I worked from home and thank god I did. In the original, Chris mentioned a caterer. Yeah, you are literary living on the throne. I brought my computer and sat there for a while a few times a day. Yes, with my bottle of water/MAG-10 beside me. No, my wife never saw that…

Friday. I was going to compete in a natural competition, so no diuretic. Breakfast was a smoothie with banana, blueberries, strawberries and yogurt. I then had three scramblers of sweet spuds and eggs (3 full eggs and 4 egg whites) along with a little spinach. The Finibar with no water was a little hard to swallow. The bath that night, was amazing, relaxing and yeah, my skin felt weird.

For Saturday, I sipped MAG-10 and had a protein shake first thing in the morning. The original said to sip water, but I figured MAG-10 would not hurt. I swallowed a finibar and returned to normalcy around 2pm.

Now, I was not lean enough to notice major difference. The experiment was to see how I would react physically and mentally to the protocol. No way I wanted to try this the week before the contest, as it was my first.

What I got out of it is this. You pee, a lot.
If you follow a good diet before, this is a walk in the park. Pulse Fast are both easy (I have not done a fast with the new MAG-10, with the carbs, it might be easier?!?!) and the rebound the next day is amazing. Just keep your food clean to get the full effect.
No fuzziness (If you have ever done the Anabolic Diet, you know what I mean) at all. That was my biggest concern going into this. I did not want to turn into a spaz and had to keep working with a clear mind.

All in all, a good experiment. Wished i would have written about it before today.

Anyhoo, thank you for the great articles and supplements Biotest.

And I have to say this, Bill Roberts and yourself have mentioned that using one superior product beats wasting money on a bunch of cheap product. I wished more people understood this.


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