Shoulder Surgery


Anyone do the diet post op? Any suggestions? I tore the labrum in my right shoulder and I’m looking at a long recovery. Find out on Friday when I’m having the surgery. Won’t be able to do much more than NEPA walks for months. THinking of doing the diet again just minus the workout. Figure it will help me stave off muscle loss and fat gain. This would be my second go around with the diet.


I always though the workout part was what really kept the muscle there. I’m curious to see some replies! Always learning as I read! (I still really have no idea about the science of this diet haha)

On a side note I’ve learned more on this forum and site than I did at college this semester!

and good luck OP! :smiley:


I would not suggest the V-Diet for those that can’t maximize its effects with weight training. Better to be fully recovered first.


Thanks Chris! I’m just trying to figure out what I can do to retain muscle and not become huge. Any tips or ideas on deit and supplementation for post op recovery would be greatly appreciated.


I think it’s pretty simple: don’t eat the crap that you already know will make you fat, drop calories some to make up for less activity, and here’s my big tip: take L-Leucine 2-4 times per day with meals. This should really help with muscle preservation. Info:


I am nearly in the same boat yet backwards. I had a great V-Diet experience and in my last week when I was doing top 1/2 benches I felt a searing, literally searing heat shoot through my upper peck, near the shoulder area. It was so tender for a few days I would wince in pain and sometimes even yelp slightly like a little girl.

It’s been about 2 months and all I’ve done is lay off of everything…I mean everything that has caused the area pain or soreness. For the first 3 weeks I just felt my way around the gym figuring out what hurt at the moment, what didn’t hurt at that moment, and what really hurt the next day or following days. Nearly 8 weeks later I have figured out what I can and can’t get away with.

Long story short, don’t worry about “losing” everything. Keep your diet straight and remember you still have legs. For me, everything has been squats and deadlifts per the 6 weeks to superhero program by CT. You get a hell of a good metabolic effect plus if your shoulder is healthy enough you may get away with back and/or front squats.

Since I can get away with squats, DL’s and oddly enough…overhead presses (!!!), I keep to those. Since I can’t work my chest directly via bench and even bicep curls cause that bad pain in my pec/shoulder/collar bone region I’ve now moved to a lot of eccentric-less work which really helps. That means sled work and since I have a truck I now carry my sled and about 200lbs of weights in the bed.

To work chest I hold the weight (usually a 35lb plate) to my chest and throw it as hard as I can forward like a basketball pass. I do it at the park during my lunch break and I get a good chest pump without hurting my tender areas. Just try to figure out what causes you the bad pains and “good”, training effect pain. My goal isn’t to gain “mass” or anything, it’s to keep the motor patters (as exercise experts call it) correct in my injured areas without causing it pain.

I feel you though, I’ve had knee surgery and that was not fun. To this day the area my knee was operated on still gets a bit funky which is about 12 years later. Just a part of playing the iron game I guess.