Should My Wife and I Do V-Diet?


My wife and I have been married for a little over a year and a half. With the stress of life, we’ve gotten some out of shape, but nothing over the top. I’m 6’ 190 lbs around 13% BF. I used to be an avid lifter and got into the single digits of BF but I lived in a different county for awhile, then I worked manual labor, and now I sit all day for work. Couple that with a back injury my lifting isn’t what it used to be, so I am interested in getting back down to single digits of body fat. I like to lift, health is important to me, and I’d like to challenge myself.

My wife on the other hand hates working out with a passion, but she is the main one who wants to diet down due to not being happy with her weight. The weight issues is in part due to a health issue that’s she’s been dealing with, and she’s been told by her doctor to carb cycle. My wife is 5’ 7" and 170 lbs.

With that said, is the V-Diet worth the price and are the results really that good? I actually am not a fan of crazy diets. I think the best way to get in shape is to eat clean, lift heavy weights on a regular and consistent basis, and to avoid fattening foods. I don’t normally stress over it. However, I am worried that this actually may be more damaging that beneficial if the idea is to get the weight down and just keep doing our normal routine. Thoughts?


Doing the V-Diet definitely wouldn’t be “damaging” to anything. Anyone who follows the plan as written and does it from start to finish gets good results. People have talked about their results in the Success Stories forum and in V-Diet Support.

I’m confused. She hates working out but wants to diet down… does that mean she doesn’t want to exercise but is open to fixing her nutrition? Or she doesn’t want to diet/exercise but does want to lose fat?

To me, those are two different things; the latter one being a big problem. If she doesn’t want to do the work in the kitchen or in the gym, she won’t get anywhere, period. That’s the typical New Year’s resolutioner: Really wants results, hits the gym with a fresh start on January 1st, and promptly fizzles out around January 10th because they’re just not into it.

But if your wife is willing to fix her nutrition in order to see some results, the V-Diet will work because the nutrition does the lion’s share of the fat loss. The V-Diet training plan is there to nudge progress along, stimulate some muscle growth/muscle preservation, and burn some additional calories, but “only” doing the daily shakes with the daily healthy solid meal can still be a good way to basically clean-up nutrition instantly and break any bad nutrition habits.

I’d also check out this article for some very solid advice explaining the right and wrong way to convince her of the benefits of a good training plan, because when couples train together (or when one trains regularly and the other wants to start) things can get tricky because frustration usually runs high from one or both people.



Thank you for your response. I did want to let you know that we decided to do the VDiet together, and that today is day one of the 28 days. I’ll get another thread started to post progress.



Very cool to hear, man. Looking forward to seeing the progress for you both.