Should I take Alpha Male?

Hey guys, I’ve been reading about Alpha Male for years and hearing a lot of good about it but it was never really a consideration for me until now. I am 27 years old.

I have not consistently worked out for the past 4 years due to some pretty extreme work hours and traveling after graduation. No excuses, but thats the story.

I also had a blood test done a few months ago as I was worried about having low T levels. Having not worked out in years as well as a decreased sex drive compared to when I was 23, I have expected low t levels for some time. Anyways, the results were 312 ng/dL(normal range is 250-1100) and 15 ng/dL for DHT (normal range is 16-79).

My question is, since I am recently starting to get back into working out, is it worth taking right now? I know that your body produces more T as you work out and build muscle. Should I go this route first and then try the Alpha Male at a much later date? Or should I go all in now, start taking it, and work my ass off in the process. My currently low sex drive is kinda freaking me out so I’m leaning towards the latter.

Also, since my T level seems low, do I need to worry about hair loss or acne? Or is this more of a concern for those who have super high levels of testosterone?

Lastly, do I need to see a doctor before starting the cycle? I do have a family history of heart issues but this is (seemingly) not a concern for me right now. Cholesterol is a little high, thats all.

Thanks guys.

  1. Check this article about the T and training comment:

  2. If you’re low-normal in T, then taking Alpha Male with help with workouts, from motivation to results. No real reason to wait to fix a problem. Usually people are advised to wait on some supplements until they get their diet in order, but diet won’t fix low T (usually - avoid soy protein, eat adequate good saturated fats, etc.)

  3. If someone is already prone to acne and hair loss, boosting T can speed it along. If you’re not prone to it, then no real worries at supplemental healthy levels.

  4. Up to you really.

Have you checked into our T replacement forum? Lots of good info there. There may be way for you to go the prescription route.

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