Should I Switch to the V-Diet?

Hey all,

I’ve been on a Ketogenic diet for almost three weeks now. I lost some rapid weight (obviously water weight and from being carb depleted etc.) but also a good deal of fat (thanks to HOT-ROX).

Now weightless seems to be slowing to about 1lb/day.

I was wondering if now would be a good time to go on the V-Diet (a strict V-Diet) for a couple of weeks to get me down to my goal of 10% bf (at about 15% now).

Has anyone made a transition from a solid food Keto diet to the V-Diet? The only thing that I worry about is the carbs in Surge.


1 Lb a day is too much to lose after the intial water dump off, is this a typo or what or or true?

Also, what are you other stats, that would help in giving a suggestion.

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