Should I Switch to the V-Diet?

I have been reading alot about the diet but it really seems everyone a whole lot lighter than me. I am currently 280lbs 6’0 and have a decent build considering the high BF, I have dropped about 100 pounds over the last year and feel better.

I have been going to the gym 5 times a week doing med weight, 3 sets, and 10-12 reps as well as 40 minutes of cardio followed by 20-25 minutes of raquetball.

I am doing the Low Carb Atkins diet and wonder if the V-Diet is right for me. I am not seeing the gains I believe I should from the gym, I am adding muscle no doubt but I am wondering if the atkins diet is hurting progress. I have a whey protein(low carb) before and after workout, eat 3-4 times a day, take a multivitamin, and omega 3-6 fish oil pills.

Help. I am getting discouraged. First post guys and thanks in advance for reading.


It’s natural to have valley’s in your progress and motivation over the course of time. The main thing you have to do is maintain your consistency. Keep eating intelligently and training PROGRESSIVELY!

You’ve already accomplished a HUGE amount in losing 100lbs.! Remember where you’ve been and how far you’ve come when you need a little extra juice to get you thru the day. I mean, why waste all that hard work and self-discipline?

As far as a diet recommendation I very very highly suggest you read everything Dr. Berardi has posted on this site and check out his website his stuff absolutely works and is more than worth the time and money.

The V-Diet does work. No question. And if you are having specific problems battling cravings it’s probably the most effective thing I’ve ever tried to stop them. Plus it will hands down prove once and for all that we all need more protein.

That being said the fact still remains that being consistent with your diet and training is far and away the single most important variable within your control. Be patient. Keep actively progressing. Work harder today than you did yesterday and harder still tommorrow. Find a sport you enjoy playing and play as often as possible. I guarantee you’ll work more and have more fun and make more progress playing a game with friends than you ever will on a treadmill.

Good luck!

The V-Diet may indeed help you break your plateau. Though you’re obviously doing great dropping 100 pounds of tub so far!

265 is the upper limit for the V-Diet calculator, though some who are “darn close” just type 265 in and use that plan. This may work for you or you may want to drop another 10-15 pounds before getting the V.

The Atkins plan does work, but I find it limited to those who train hard. You need the right kind of carbs after weight training, and Atkins just doesn’t allow for that. Adding that alone (Surge Recovery) might be just what you need to kickstart progress again.

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