Should I Start This?

Hello All,

Looking to know if this is right for me or not?
I have been weight training for about 10 years on and off and pushing it really hard the last 6 months or so. My diet is spot on “Clean Eating”. I am in great shap,e training 4 days a week heavey weights 3-4 days of cardio but cant seem to loose that last tiny tiny bit and its driving me crazy - I can see 4 abs then its lost??? (The others are hiding). Getting frustrated so looking to change it up a bit.

I have done different cycles of trainng over the years from carbing up 1 day a week to high protein only to complete balanced to high fat once a week and all have worked out well. I am actually a good test pilot as things seem to work well on my body.

In the past I have been ripped but I think just through age etc my motabalism is just slowing down a bit even with clean eating 6 meals a day properly portioned.

Drive, ambition, committment are not issues for me but 3% bf and a hidden set of abs are.

So… What ya think am I a good candidate for this?

6 feet tall
180 lbs
lean muscle
Accurately - 11% bf

8% bf

First, let’s not get so caught up in numbers. 3% body fat is next to impossible. Okay, scratch that, some people are so bad at measuring it or guessing it, then 3% body fat is possible to get to show up on a reading… but it’s not really 3%.

Also, 170 at 6 feet tall would probably look kind scrawny.

So let’s think of it this way instead: keep the muscle, lose the excess body fat. Whatever numbers that is, fine, but numbers aren’t our goal - the image in the mirror is.

Mindset psychobabble aside, I’m not sure if the diet is right for you. If you’re in as good a shape as you say you are, then do you really need an extreme diet plan? I don’t know, I just want you to think about it.

Now, I do understand hitting a wall and plateauing. And it sounds like you may be in that boat… if you’ve truly tried the regular means of getting shredded. I say that because I talk to a lot of “spot on” clean eaters who… well, just aren’t really spot on at all. But they think they are. If you are, then yes, the V-Diet can help you break the plateau.

And as I always write, post a pic if you want and we can better evaluate your needs.

Thanks for your reply,
I think you read that wrong - Loose 3% BF not get down to 3% hahahahah -

I will post a pict on the weekend.

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