Should I Start the V-Diet?

I have been a member of this site for a little over a year now and have found the information to be very valuable. I recently have been looking into the V-Diet and was wondering if it was right for me or should I begin the cutting process.

A little info about myself: Weight 235lbs. Height 6’1, and I’ve been working out since high school, on and off.

My routine consists of a split.
Mon Chest/Arms
Tues Legs
Wed Back/Shoulders
Thurs Abs/Full body workout

My diet is pretty consistent, I dont eat junk food or drink carbonated drinks. I usually eat around 5 times a day and use 100% whey protein.

So should I cut or start the V-Diet in order to shed some pounds and reveal abdominals?

Another pic

I think you would be a good candidate for it. Make sure you check out Gus from the physique clinic if you haven’t already. If you want to get lean fast and have the discipline to not eat (besides 1 HSM a week) and not drink alcohol for a month then go for it.

yeah,you should try it out.that or a paleo diet.

You look like a good candidate for the diet: a good amount of muscle present, just covered up with some body fat. Go for it.

Chris, I’m listening to an old FitCast episode with you and I forgot how much I like what you have to say.

With your blog being “down for improvement” still, I have to ask if you’ve got any dates for the Velocity Diet book yet? I want to see Oprah to talk about this.

im sure all this has been asked… but please point me in the right direction… ok im 23 y/o male,(work at a doctors office) noticed i was feeling fatigued often and had some weight gain.

I checked my glucose thinking i was dieaetic. results were normal. next i checked my thyroid T4 was 6.5 ug/dl T3 uptake was 40.0% TSH 0.82
Testtosterone total was 2.90 ng/ml FTI 2.7
My test seemed pretty low so i started a bio-identical cream with no help.

I rechecked in a month my total test was 3.20 ng/ml and free was 11.1pg/ml. I started injections of test cyponate 200mg/1ml every 3 weeks about 2 months ago with great improvement in energy and strength.

My goal is to feel good, not bulk up seeing that iam 5’10 210. Iam wondering if i should also take pills with the injection to keep my levels balanced, and also should i be using a estrogen blocker? any advice would be helpful seeing that iam pretty new to this and dont want to screw myself up.

Well everyone I’ve ordered all of the products and should be starting the diet next week. I will keep everyone posted of my progress.

Hi everyone, I finished the first week of the diet, and it went pretty good. I can start to see slight changes in my body composition. By the end of the 28 days there should definitely be a big change. Here are a few pics.


Keep it up man. and by that I mean your boxers in the last picture lol.

Seriously though, keep up the good work.

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