Should I Start Taking Indigo Now?

ATM I´m training for Cooper´s test that´s in May. Lifting two times a week and running three times a week. After the test I´ll be lifting more and do less conditioning.
I have just ordered my first bottle of Indigo and my question is: Should I start taking it now or would it benefit me more when I lift weights more frequently?

I just started taking 3 weeks ago and really love the results. I am 3x a week 531 and weighted vest walking/regular walking 15-20 miles a week.

Depends on your goals. For me it might be a money thing around when best/most economical to spend it on- since you’ll be taking indigo and hopefully upping your calorie intake- it will work great in both windows- pre test/post test. But if you want it for nutrition portioning for lifting then it may be better to wait, or you could steady the dose to 4 pills to start on non training days and 6 on training days. I actually was going to do the 6/4 splits but so far I’ve stuck to 4 pill regardless of day and noticed my ability to slam carbs has gone up- I am a FFB so I notice the effects of my nutrition and with more calories and more carbs I am leaner. I’ve been taking 1.5 finibar pre and then 1.5 SWF peri workout then rice and whey after and that stack has been an awesome combo w/ the Indigo. I would have been “afraid” to eat that many carbs prior to indigo and then I also slam another 80 carbs for dinner 2 hours after training on training days.

Thank you. This was helpful.

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