Should I or Shouldn't I?

Need someone to give me their advice about the V-Diet.

I want to do it, I have my concerns about a few issues regarding it (not least the argument’s with my girlfriend who tells me she won?t be happy if I do it and it’s not safe) but more the what can I do afterwards, I like to know every part of my journey before I embark on something.

After the 4 weeks of hardcore V-Diet then the 2 week transitions, what type of eating plan do I follow?

Right now I’m on a Keto (CKD, similar to anabolic) diet and it’s worked reasonably well however Im noticing that I’ve hit the wall with it and I like the idea of V-Diet to push me through and get nearer my goals (reducing body fat to almost 12% or lower by end of 2009, currently 21% at 85kgs), now is that an acceptable to go back to, the high fat content troubles me?

Also, I want to put on a fair bit of muscle after the fat loss, if I eat to bulk then is my body going to put a lot of fat back on as opposed to muscle and making it pointless to even have done the V-Diet to begin with?

  1. Be sure to have your GF read the FAQ about all the healthy fish oils, Superfood, fiber etc. which makes the V-Diet healthier than how the average American eats.

But also keep in mind that this may have nothing to do with health and more to do with her not wanting you to change because she’s insecure, or you getting into shape would make her feel bad about her not doing the same. See this:

  1. You don’t want to have to follow an “eating plan” the rest of your life do you? The V-Diet isn’t over for 6 weeks, yet you’re already worried about what you’ll do next. Well, you have a month and a half to figure that out. How about you succeed with the V-Diet first before planning the next step? Planning is good… but sometimes it’s just a way to procrastinate.

Besides, the taste/craving changes make healthy eating post-V-Diet much easier. You don’t need a calorie by calorie “plan” if you eat healthy foods all day long and train hard.

  1. Again, why not reach your fat loss goals before you start worrying about your mass diet later in the year? During that time, you can read our articles on that topic, like this one:

And this one:

All that said, you’re probably not ready for the V-Diet. Too many excuses. You’re not angry. You’re letting others decide for you. At this point, you’d likely fail it anyway. Though I’d love it if you proved me wrong.

Thanks for the response Chris.

Now just let me get the money together for the supplements and I’ll be sure glad to prove you wrong lol!!

[quote]WrdMrn wrote:
Thanks for the response Chris.

Now just let me get the money together for the supplements and I’ll be sure glad to prove you wrong lol!![/quote]

Prove him wrong. You can do it.

I COULDN"T WAIT to get back from a vacation to start the V-Diet. I got a cold during the vacation and still started it with a cold because I didn’t want to wait another week. You will be glad you went on it, no questions.

Not to be a prick, but are you going to let your girlfriend decide everything for you in life? Undoubtably if you marry her there will be disagreements in the future. Is she going to get her way on all of them?

Just ordered all the necessary things - bring it on!!!

Will start this coming Monday (11th May)


I started the V-Diet: 84.9 Kg @21.1% BF and finished the 1st transition week at 79.7 Kg and 18.1% BF, so this is really going to get you on the right road to your goals.

I hate to be harsh, but if your girlfriend can’t get behind you when your trying to do something for your HEALTH, maybe it’s time to get a new girlfriend.


good for you.

Drink the coolaid, it’s awesome:)

I think that a lot of it has to do with her having an underactive thyroid, she is a tad over weight to and keeps trying weight watchers but falls off after a week and in that week doesn’t even do it right.

But she has to learn, it’s my life, my body and I’m entitled to do what I want to do with it, I hate looking at pics of everyone else and seeing what they can acheive, so now it’s my turn.

[quote]WrdMrn wrote:
I think that a lot of it has to do with her having an underactive thyroid, she is a tad over weight to and keeps trying weight watchers but falls off after a week and in that week doesn’t even do it right.

I’m not a doctor, but doesn’t sound like a thyroid problem to me.

But I wish you the best with the V-Diet man. This thing is awesome and really will change your life (as long as your g/f stops getting in your way). Keep us posted!

She’s afraid you’ll leave her if you look better than her and she doesn’t want to put in the effort to improve herself.

WW is aweful - no attention to protein (at all) is the FIRST problem with it. I can come up with a slew of others if you’d like

Glad to have you on board. Looking forward to seeing you prove my first post wrong!

I’m liking the attitude change. I don’t think its healthy to stay pissed off the whole 6 weeks however at some stops on the journey it certainly helps. (Sounds like your going to have a few of those stops with the GF. Just being real) Your fellow travelers welcome you. Drop by the threads for motivation and tips they really help.


To help me while I’m getting my set up to start on Monday, can you tell me when you take your HOT-ROX and how often you take them? The menu that T-Nation site produces doesn’t detail this.


I usually took mine first thing in the morning after waking up (shake about 15-20 minutes later) and about 30 minutes before my 3rd shake of the day.

Is that just the 1 capsule?

No, I would take two at each of those times (one serving).

For the first few days, you might want to just try 1 at each time just to see how you react, but I handle stimulants very well so I just went with the max dosage right off the bat.

Damn man, that’s too bad. I feel bad for guys, or girls for that matter, whose significant other is forever taking that kind of position. That kind of passive-aggressiveness make me want to strangle somebody. I hope you two can work that out…

As far as the HRX…first thing in the morning before the breakfast shake and right before my third shake.

Grrrrrrrr, more reason for anger . . . I wanted to start the V-Diet yesterday (Monday) but as yet the courier company still haven’t delivered my products!!!

Hey mate, things are going well, thanks for asking.

I’m still at a baseline of around 80 Kg and 18.x% BF. So there wasn’t any big weight rebound after the transition, which is good.

Another thing, try not to stress yourself out about little things like deliveries etc… your just going to end up spiking your cortisol levels (stress hormone) which will make it harder to loose fat.

Try to stay as chilled out as possible!

I’ll drop by during your diet to see how things are going.


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