Should I Do the Velocity Diet?

I’ve been skinny fat all my life have trained for a while now but have just gotten fat. Would velocity diet would be good for me.

Do it. It is awesome, especially if you eat like shit. If you follow the program, it works great.

Cheers for the response @BigSwid

Just one more question is the diet suitable for people who naturally have high cortisol and stress (very highly strung). As well as having trouble sleeping at night. I thought with those factors and a big calorie defecit on the V-Diet you’d just end up losing muscle and not fat.

I think it will be fine. I’m high strung as a mother and have a shitload of stress in my life. When I got the weight going in the right direction, the stress levels have improved. Losing nearly 20 pounds has helped my sleep as well.

With any calorie deficit, you’re going to lose some muscle along with the fat. This hasn’t been much of an issue for me, thus far. Now, I was/am pretty damn fat. When you are +/- 30% body fat, it’s much less an issue. Still, I’ve hit 5-6 PRs in the last few weeks.

The only issue I have had is eating less solid food, I have less stamina during my training sessions. The Plazma certainly helps and you just have to be mentally tough.

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