Should I Do the V-Diet?


Hi Chris,

I’ve been reading about the V-Diet for a few days and it is something i am highly interested in. Let me give you a little background, i just started working out again about 8 months ago, in that time I have dropped bout 12% body fat (started at 42%) and lost 6 inches in my waist. I currently weigh 295 and i was wondering if the V-Diet would be something applicable for me. I am on a calorie deficient and a clean diet and can still hit the gym with the same strength and intensity as when i first started and am still having huge gains in strength while losing body fat

Or should i look more into the V-Diet Lite until i can drop into the 265 range?

thanks so much


If what you’re doing is working well for you, then I’d suggest we “don’t fix what ain’t broke” as we Texans say.

I’d also suggest the <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure.

Then when you’re a little closer to 265, hop onto the V-Diet. Many who are a few pounds over, or are statistical outliers (very tall usually), just “lie” to the V-Diet calculator and type in 265, even if they’re 277. They do very well.

Until then, I’d suggest experimenting with the V-Diet workouts, getting used to them, and incorporating some Metabolic Drive shakes into your daily routine. That way you’ll be accustomed to everything and ready to rock the V-Diet here in a couple of months.

Now, all that said, if you hit a plateau, then jump on the V-Diet now. It’s a great plateau smasher.