Should I be STARVING?!


Alright, first day on velocity diet. Im 5’5 1/2’’ and weigh 130 llbs. I have a 25.5 waist, 36 bust, and 38.5 hips. Yeah, big booty. So I decided to try the velocty diet to kind of kick start me in the right direction. I use to work out 5 days a week circuit training (have you guys heard of mountain/military athlete?) eating only complex carbs, lean meats, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and occasionally a greek yogurt. That was a year ago. I kinda got lazy and started back up again about a month ago but things just werent moving fast enough sooooooo…here I am. BUT…the little calculating thingy put me on a 1200 calorie plan for non-work out days and I am literally starving. Like starving. I dont think this is normal?

I have very good self control and thought this diet would be cake (stupid I know, LOL). Its not the cravings or the shake based diet thats getting me, its the hunger pains. Intense ones.

p.s. I’ve always had an easy time keeping my weight down. My caloric intake is usually around 2200 to maintain my current weight (healthy food calories). I was the chick that could pig out on potatoe chips (like the whole bag, one a day) and not gain weight -> i.e. my metabolism is insane.

Anyways, back to the original question. Should I be so hungry I want to kill someone?! Thaaaaat doesnt sound quite like the rest of you. What I mean is, should I be concerned that im not getting enough calories?


Hey. I was concerned about the caloric intake as well. Our profiles seems similar (I’m 5’3, started this at 125lbs and always kept my caloric intake around 2000 or so when working out - I did crossfit and military athlete for a while as well before moving on to other things a few months ago). I was never too concerned about keeping my calorie count low since, as you know, those workouts are intense and you need the fuel. I have been doing the Velocity diet for one week and didn’t start out ridiculously hungry, although recently I am feeling more hungry between shakes. To get that sensation of being full longer, I blend my shakes really thick. I also take the fiber tabs them bewteen shakes as opposed to taking them with the shakes and supplement. Sipping on black coffee or tea between has also helped with the craving. I have not been in any pain though, so maybe talk to a dr?

Good luck!