Shone's Day 1

I’m one of those women whose weight goes up and down. I’m a freaking YO YO. In February I was down to 157 because I wanted to try out for the LFL (lingere football league). It went well, but of course age was a factor (I’m 36) and they wanted 12 year olds…go figure!!! Anyway, here are my before pics. See you on the other side.

Height 67 in/5’7
168.6 lbs
BF 28.8
Hips - 43.0
Waist - 31.0

Pic 2 - Don’t know how to add them all at once.

Last pic!

good luck!!!

Okay…day 2 and this truly sucks!!!

I so want something I can chew on. I have really bad cravings…I love candy!!! Chocolate, gummy worms, twizzlers, sour patches…just candy!!! The beginning of the day goes by well because I’m busy. It’s the end of the day that drags by. Right about dinner time is when I really start to freak out. I’m in the process of moving so that does help with getting the house prepared to move, but OMG — my mind constantly wanders to the fridge. What I think I’m going to do is throw everyhthing away. Will help with the move too so I won’t have to transport that stuff. At this point, I just don’t think I can handle having it in the house. Am I whining??? Maybe…

I think the thing that will help me tonight is that I have a meeting from 7-10. I’ll bring my shake and I should be fine until I get home for the bedtime shake. Day 2 almost gone…Day 3 coming up…

focus ma focus. haha. i start monday. im an ex pro football player an i think this is what i need.

After a few days the cravings will subside. They did for me. Keep it up!

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