Shirataki Noodles for HSM?


Anyone know if these are suitable for HSM day?

Apparently carb free, made from the konnyaku imo plant. Any ideas? Sounds like a good choice for people wanting to use Asian recipes.


These look yummy.


There are actually tofu and soy free ones available too:

Apparently the tofu ones are less…“rubbery”


Thanks for suggesting this man! I can make some chop-chae type dishes after my v-diet and still be low carbs! FUCK YESSSS!.


The only time I’ve purchased and cooked these they taste like semi-rotten fish. Is that just the broth type stuff they’re packed in or did I do it wrong?


You need to rinse them in cold clean water prior to cooking I believe. That apparently removes the fishyness of the water they are packaged with. I’ll grab some this weekend and look into it.


I’ve used these before. Actually, quite a lot. You do have to rinse them. You need to run under cool water for about 1 minute and all the “fishy” smell and off taste will be gone. They taste best with a broth or sauce of some sort. You don’t want to “cook” too long. Basically just flash to warm them up. I personally love these and they are a healthy alternative to high carb pastas. There are companies that make different styles too, like fettucine. Hope that helps.