Shirataki Miracle Noodle


Have you seen these noodles? I remember seeing a post where someome asked you if you would come up with a noodle recipe. Don’t really remember where that was. I think that it would be hard to beat these. Well, the almond four pata might taste better, but these have no calories at all. Check out the site.

Haven’t tried these yet.

They’re basically strings of glucomannan, which is considered a soluble fiber (water-soluble polysaccharide). Made from a root basically.

If anyone has tried them, give us a report!

I have tried them. They are ok. The website says that they do not have much flavor by themselves, but they really take on the flavor of the dish that they are in. I added them to a stir fry. It was good. I would try them again. I think that they are fairly cost effective. It was a couple of years ago when I tried them. I bet that they would be really good as a healthified fettuccini chicken alfredo. Like here: . Or with your alfredo sauce Chris.

I eat them regularly. They are good obviously not as good as the real thing but, a great substitute. Some people think they have a weird smell almost fishy. I like the smell but, wash them under hot water just to rinse them out.

I have had them before and they are pretty good. They do tend to take on the taste of whatever you happen to be having them with. I also agree that you need to rinse them before you warm them. Good option though.

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