Shakshouka Type Big Bowl


Hey All-
I know Chris, you’ve posted several (ok, a LOT) or stew pics. Well here’s mine too! It started as more of a Shakshouka style dish, and then thickened into more of a stew (I think I used too much tomoato paste …
Start a Big Pot of Oil (I used Olive) heating. Then add in: 1 large white onion, diced. Garlic to taste (I like da garlic!), and 1 jalepeno. Shake in Crushed red pepper to taste. Let it all sweat together.

Roast a large Green and Red Pepper until skin in blackened. Put in Zip-Loc to steam 8-10 minutes. Take out of baggie and then peel off skin. Chop and add into bowl.
Add Tomoato paste (less than half of a small can …), 1 large can of Crushed tomatoes, 1 large can tomato puree. Black beans optional, but they add fiber and protein, so YAY!!!

In seperate pan, fry/cook 1 1/2 lbs. extra lean ground Chicken or Turkey (The extra lean may need a little olive-type oil so it doesnt stick and burn. Optional: Add a carb healthy BBQ sauce to taste. Add into Big Bowl.
Add seasoning to taste. I used Cayenne pepper to give that delayed kick, and red curry pepper to make it kick a little differently …
Stir it up, and let it simmer and coook all together.

Now how to use it:

  • Use it as homemade pizza sauce - Use it as an Omelette Topping - Serve over Fish - Serve over Mashed Potatoes/“Mashed Cauliflower Potatoes” - Serve over Rice (If you’re a rice fan) - Or just eat it cold out of the fridge!!!



Sounds great!

I always steam peppers in a brown paper bag to avoid any plastic residue/leaching, but it’s probably no big deal in the big picture.


How do you steam them in a Brown paper bag…? Normally I’d roast or broil them, rotating every 2 minutes or so, them plop em in a bowl, and cover with serran wrap … but I ran out of serran wrap … and have no idea how to spell serran wrap correctly, though … it’s a weird word …


I roast them over an open fire (gas stove) then pop them into the bag. It’s enough to steam and make skins removable (for pablanos.)