Shaking vs Stirring

I looked around the forum a bit and may have missed it - but can someone help me understand the purpose of shaking MAG-10 vs just stirring it up? Why do we need to shake it? Thanks for the .02 everyone!

Stirring is fine but may leave clumps, which is no problem for effectiveness but personal preference might be for no clumps.


You’re very welcome!

Also, “shaken, not stirred” sounds cooler and more James Bondish.

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You need to shake otherwise the protein won’t be properly released.

(not sure if this question is cereal)

A lot of times there’s still a lot of foam around the top after my initial shake of MAG-10 before I add in the additional water.

is it cool that I just stir up the foam with my finger so I can get the water and flavoring in there so it doesn’t overflow?

Yes, only qualification being that if you wanted it to sit at room temperature all day before drinking, the bacteria from your finger would grow well, similar to starting to sip on some milk and then leaving it out all day. If talking about only a couple of hours or less at room temperature, no issue whatsoever.

You could go kai green style and take a mouthful of dry powder and just swill some water to help get it down

I actually have MAG-10 that way sometimes: my wife cannot believe it.

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