Shaking Things Up: Shake/Flavor Combinations

Thought it might be fun to start up a thread for people to post some of their favorite shake combinations that conform to all the V-Diet rules (especially since today is Day 1 for me). So just go ahead and post your favorite shake combinations, especially if you have a few that use “outside” ingredients like spices or flavor extracts.

I don’t currently have much in my spice cabinet that would mix with shakes, but here are my current favorite shakes:

Choco-Nana Nut
1.5 scoop Chocolate
1.5 scoop Banana
Natural Peanut Butter serving

Peanut Butter goes surprisingly well with Banana, and chocolate is a no-brainer.

Strawberry Medley
1 scoop Strawberry
0.5 scoop Chocolate
0.5 scoop Vanilla

Makes a great 2-scoop shake, or throw in another 0.5 scoop of strawberry and chocolate for a 3-scoop shake.

Post your best shakes, and see if you can’t inspire your fellow dieters.

I like using coconut extract with bananna and strawberry, tastes like a version of pina colada.

I like pumpkin and apple pie spice with vanilla.

instant coffee is good with the vanilla. i hate the chocolate Metabolic Drive, but if you like it that would probably work well with the coffee too.

i also find that the strawberry goes really well with the flax meal. it kind of equates to strawberry seeds :slight_smile:

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