Shakes vs. Bars, and Hot-Rox Question


Hi Chris,

I had a quick (and possibly stupid) question concerning the V-Diet. Is there a difference between the Metabolic Drive Shake and the Metabolic Drive Bar as far as the diet is concerned (aside from the obvious, one’s a shake, one’s a bar)?

Also, I have ulcerative colitis, and it’s been suggested that I avoid caffeine. Is there a replacement to HOT-ROX that I can use?

Thank you kindly for your time.

  1. Yes. Totally different. You can read the labels for each at the store section of the site. You’ll see that the V-Diet shakes are low-carb and the bars are not. Also, it’s important that this be a mostly-liquid diet, which plays a part in the taste/craving/bad-habit changing effects.

  2. Many people who have to avoid caffeine use our product called Se7en. Men use it as well, even though the marketing is aimed at women. I use it myself sometimes. You can find info on it here: