Shake Timing?

Due to my schedule I work out in the morning. Currently my sessions consist of weights followed by cardio/hiit/eundurance training. I train fasted, only having a fat burner, water and a cup of joe on my 45-60 min commute to work. Post workout (around 8am) I usually have 2 scoops of whey protein, then a HSM about an hour later.

I’m going to start the V-Diet next week and have some concerns with the lower claories, fasted training and taking Surge as the first nutrients to start my day and any effects it will have on my blood sugar and feeling of satiety.

I’m thinking of taking one of the two scoop shakes on my my morning commute pre-workout (waiting at least twenty minuts after taking HOT-ROX) to allow some time to digest. Then after training imbibing the PWO, and having the other 4 shakes evenly spaced throughout the day per the V-Diet protocol.

Alternatively, I may try maintaing the fasted state, only drink the PWO (intra and after), then having the other shakes as detailed in the diet.

I plan to crush this “diet” and want to set myself up for success, so what do you suggest?

First, fasted weight training is a great way to cut your progress in half. That’s a giant mistake born of misguided and silly ideas about growth hormone that every serious trainer disregarded years ago.

For the V-Diet, find a way to have a Metabolic Drive shake before training.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try the regular three scoop low-carb Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flax shake pre-workout then.

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