Shake Scheduling Question

Hey yall. Starting the V-Diet and have some questions. My schedule is a little off from lining up with the shakes. Here is my schedule:

Mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, I wake up at 315am to go to work early, so that I can leave at 4 to go to the gym. So, my breakfast shake will be 8 hours before my lunch shake (and that sucks when you can’t eat/snack). After that, the mid-afternoon shake…which can either come after 530 when I leave the gym, or before. I considered a 1 scoop shake at 4, then a 1 scoop shake after my workout. I just want to get the timing right. Drinking breakfast and then waiting 8 hours doesn’t seem right. But I also don’t want to just not drink anything for hours after waking up, or I feel like *#(&. Any suggestions? Are they supposed to be all 2-scoop shakes, or could I split them up? Is the timing important…like having 6 vs 4 shakes?


Don’t stress over specific timing, especially if you’re getting up crazy-wicked early and operate on an unusual timetable.

The most important thing is having all 4 shakes plus one HSM every day, plus workout nutrition on training days. You can spread them out however you need to to make it work.

So don’t sweat trying to “wait” for a breakfast shake or separating them any certain way. Like, if a lunch HSM works for your lifestyle, do that and shuffle the other stuff around accordingly.

Ideally, yeah. They’re already low calorie as-is. Cutting them in half is a band-aid solution at best, since each shake would be less satiating.

Thank you, Chris. I didn’t mean lowering the total number of scoops, I meant 2 shakes with 2 scoops, and 4 shakes with 1, etc. I appreciate the info, that is good to hear. My crazy schedule and limited sleep is rough, but the only way I can get to the gym is going in early and leaving early. Again, thanks for the info, that helps a lot! I will focus more on making sure I have the 4 shakes and HSM, and spread them out as I see fit (one right after a workout and not fasting 8 hours until lunch).

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Oh, I see where you said less satiating. That makes sense, thanks.

One more question. If the 200-300lb guys are on this same schedule, wouldn’t that mean there are too many shakes for me? I would probably need to be 150lbs to have visible abs, not a big guy.

Nope, that’s why there’s wiggle room in the calories for the HSM. If (big if that depends on a few different variables) you need to adjust calories, it’d be done in the HSM, not the shakes.

Extra-large guys approaching the 300-pound mark may need to work with more calories than the general diet calls for, but normal-sized folks scaling it down more than recommended isn’t necessary.

Awesome, thanks for the information.

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