Shake Schedule on Workout Days?

Hi guys

Hope you can help me out here. I have now got all my supps (if the slip about some items to collect at the post office contains my last supp…) so I will start my Velocity journey on Monday.

My shake schedule looks like this at the moment
Meal 1 7:30
Meal 2 12:00
Meal 3 15:00
Meal 4 18:00
Meal 5 21:00

How ever on workout days I will struggle as Meal4 will be very close to my PWO shake, so this is my problem.

Should I move Meal 4 forward to say 17:00 which would mean about ~1h before workout and then just have the PWO after the gym and last shake 21:00. Or is there a better way to sort out the shake stacking?


Dont worry about it two much, it’s not going to make much of a difference… just try to space your shakes by 2-3 hrs. Have the last shake when you feel like it. If your hungary an hour after Surge then have it then.

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