Shake Recipe

Last night was cold here in NY so I decided to try something hot, that something being a shake since it’s the only thing I Can have :P.

1 Chocolate Metabolic Drive
6-8 oz Water(depends how thick you like it)


1 Chocolate Metabolic Drive
1 Vanilla Metabolic Drive
12-16 oz Water(depends how thick you like it)

1.put water in the microwave then pour into shaker

2.Pour the Metabolic Drive scoops into shaker and shake away

Taste AWESOME. Like creamy hot-chocolate.

Nice. I do this in the winter a lot. A shot of DaVinci sugar-free syrup (hazelnut) is a great addition too. A drop of peppermint extract in chocolate is also good. Both of these are fine for the V-Diet too.

Mmmm…That sounds good. Looks like I’ll be ordering some chocolate Metabolic Drive.

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