Shake Additions

I started the V-diet a few days ago and have already realized what, for me, will be the most difficult part: variety. Drinking 4 flavors (in combination or alone) for 4 weeks is going to be extremely challenging, if not impossible. So, I’m looking at options.

Has anyone here tried adding spices and similar items to their shakes? Is this considered to be within the diet plan by the creators?

As an example, I’m currently drinking my last shake of the day, 3 scoops chocolate, 2 tbsp peanut butter, and some orange extract (no nutritional significance that I can see) and it’s pretty good. I do understand the overall point of the diet so I’m not looking to add sugar or milk or even almond/coconut milk I’m just looking to make these things a little more palatable for the next few weeks.

I am most directly wondering about unsweetened cocoa powder (mainly for my strawberry and banana shakes) as this has little nutritional relevance (10 cals/serving, no sugar, 2g fiber) but could really enhance the flavor of these in particular.

So let me hear em, things you’ve added to shakes that are worth trying but that don’t void the diet. Chris, if this is not in keeping with the intent of the diet, please let me know!

Here’s a quote on that from the V-Diet page. Haven’t tried extra flavoring myself yet but this may be helpful.

Flavor Your Shakes … with Caution
Low-Carb Metabolic Drive tastes great. But after a couple of weeks on the V-Diet you may want to experiment with new flavoring.
Experiment away. The only rule is this: You cannot add anything to the shakes that adds calories, especially milk. (Use water only.)
Here are some ideas for new tastes and textures:

Some people use a lot of water because they prefer thinner shakes. Some use less, add ice, and blend them so thickly the shakes can be eaten with a spoon. Others mix up the techniques for variety. All of this is fine.
You may also mix flavors of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive. Just use one scoop of two different flavors and come up with something new.

You may also add a little non-caloric flavoring. Good choices include sugar-free Da Vinci syrups and baking extracts, such as peppermint and almond. If you think you’ll like making new flavors, then purchase mostly vanilla Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, as it’s the most versatile.

Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or pre-made apple pie blends work well too.
Make hot chocolate. Simply add your chocolate Metabolic Drive to some water that’s already hot (but not boiling), and stir or blend.

  1. Never say something is “impossible” that many overweight middle-aged women have achieved.

  2. As the above poster said, the rest of your question is answered in the V Diet.

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