Setting Up Pulse Feast/Workout Plan

Hey guys!! Been reading the site forever finally time to post up. I’m planning on doing the pulse feast but I want to get everything out of it I can obviously. I plan on doing Big Beyond Belief(with a few added muscle rounds) while doing this plan. I’m choosing the pulse feast because I have no appetite in the A.M and I have a one year old and am working on a pre-med classes yada yada yada anyway…
195 (15%bf)<—total guess, you can see all abs but no obliques
HOPEFULLY can lose fat and gain some muscle doing this plan.

I really want to get Mag-10, Plazma and Indigo-3G but financially not gonna happen right now.

My questions are:

1.What would be the lowest amount of Mag-10 I could use in the pulses to make cost effective?

2.Same for Plazma, is 1 serving intra enough?

3.It says dont worry about calories, but is around 2k or 2.5k calories during the “feast” enough to gain mass?

Thanks guys!!

  1. You really can’t try to “get by” with less MAG-10. That is likely to hurt your muscle mass in the medium term.

  2. 1 serving of PLAZMA intra is better than not taking anything. It will help get more results from the workout but it will not maximize your results, especially if you are on a pulse feast plan.

  3. While I enjoy pulse feasting because it fits my psychological profile. I must say that it’s mostly a plan to get leaner while maintaining muscle mass. You might add a little muscle mass if you do it right, but it’s certainly not a plan to maximize muscle growth.

  4. The thing is that you can’t eat super high calories during the feast period… well you can… but it wont work. There is a limited amount of nutrients your body can use at any given time. This is especially true of protein. While a large intake of protein at one sitting is not a complete waste (studies by Boirie have shown that ingesting a large quantity of protein in one sitting can create more anabolism, but we’re talking 70-80g not 120-150g). You can’t overeat your way to muscle growth in one sitting. Which is another reason why it’s important not to cut down on MAG-10 and PLAZMA.

Thanks for the response CT. Is there another plan similiar? As in more for mass gain while staying somewhat lean. I’ve been gaining for about 5 months and it’s gone well but meals are pretty much 2 huge feedings a day because I hate constantly eating plus work,school and kid make it tougher.

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