Setting Up Macros

Hi Chris

Using some nutritional strategies with females are running very well, like VD, but working with figure competition girl, I’m using Anaconda protocol and I’m gonna introduce pulse fast.

My base of training looks like was exposed in lab training spill, so specialization leg blitz for 3 days in a row and so on.

I’m getting experience to Figure Contest, and all my tools I’m learning come from you/T-Nation. This girl weight 110 lb with low body fat. She handle carbs well, so we are training 2-3 times/day with awesome results. Even she responds very well to old protocol (FINiBAR, SWF, SR).

But if I use Anaconda protocol or the oldest one, I overcome all macros quick and if I’m setting up 1.5 protein, 0.3 of fat and 1-2 carbs, any protocol cover high percentage of this macros, and solid meals are very small.

Under your experience how can I set up macros using Anaconda protocol, training 2 times per day? Do you have any example of how diet looks like?

AM sessions to hit legs hard, I can use both old protocol (1 FIN, 2 SWF, 2 SR) or the newest (1 FIN, 2 SWF, 3 MAG-10, 1 ANACONDA)

PM sessions are based on sled work or eccentric less training/circuits, so I use 2 MAG-10 and 1 Anaconda and maybe 1/2 SWF.

Even I’m thinking introduce Metabolic New formula. With male trainer are working great.


That question is better suited for Christian Thibaudeau. You can find his forum here:

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