Seriously Considering the V-Diet

I am very interested in starting the Velocity diet, but would like to ride my bike while on the diet. I would like to do 2-3 days of 30-50 mile rides. I ride a lot now but my diet must be messed up because I cant seem to drop the weight. I’m a good 20 pounds heavy but I find that when I start to lose weight, I start to get weaker in my rides, so I have been relegated to the Clydesdale class. I can dial the intensity of the rides back but I really don’t want to stop while on the program.

Would the diet work if I did the workout program and augmented it with a couple rides a week? From the materials I have read, that doing cardio would cause me to lose muscle. Thanks!

I guarantee that if you do the diet and training program correctly – and not ride – you’ll get back on the bike after 28 days and be able to perform better.

Thanks Chris, I’m going to give it a shot.

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