Sensation87s V-Diet

Hello everyone! This is my second go around at the V-Diet. I lasted 3 weeks the first time around in the summer and lost about 26 pounds. Unfortunately a mix of injuries, sloppy eating habits, and the love of beer got me back to my original weight.

Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 200 lbs
Weight goal: 170 lbs

Im currently in day 3.
I don’t REALLY crave food but it hurts a bit when you like to watch the foodnetwork and know you choose not to eat. I completely forgot how bad it can be when its time to use the bathroom lol. Should have taken it easy with the Fiber pills.

Am I the only one whose stomach makes a lot of noise during this diet?

Oh no! How bad did you eat? Did it go back on immediately?

My stomahc made noises when I would eat the peanut butter or take the fish oils!

[quote]VD26 wrote:
Oh no! How bad did you eat? Did it go back on immediately?[/quote]

Not at all. I did the diet over the summer. The weight gradually came back.

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