Selchie's V Diet Log

Okay, I’m a little hesitant about doing a log on here but I’m going to try it out.
I started the diet yesterday. This is actually the third time on the diet. The first time was 2 years ago. I had amazing results, I went from 169 lbs to 145 lbs. I can’t remember how many inches I lost, but it totally transformed my body. Along with that, I started to eat foods I hated before. I wouldn’t eat veggies… at all! I came out of the diet craving salad. I ate potatoes, squash, and cooked carrots. Things I would litterally gag on before. I kept the weight off for a year, and tried the diet again last Jan. I got a week into it and gave up. I don’t think I had the drive. I set out only wanting to lose 10 lbs. because I’d only gained about 5 lbs in that full year. I would taste food here and there and eventually just stopped. I also didn’t take the supplements. So I’m not even going to count that time. Since then I’ve gained a good bit of weight back, and lost most all of the muscle.
So my reasons for doing this diet again are to gain muscle, drop fat and eat more foods that I’m supposed to.
So here are my stats as of yesterday’s weigh in

I’m 5’-8" tall (female)
weight: 159.2
Neck 12 1/4"
Shoulders 41 1/2"
Ribs 31 1/2"
Chest 37 3/4"
Waist 29 1/4"
Hips 37 1/2"
L Upper leg 25 1/4"
R Upper Leg 25 1/4"
L Calf 15 1/2"
R Calf 15 1/2"
L Arm 12 1/4"
R Arm 12 1/4"

I’ve followed the diet exactly except for the flax seed so far. I haven’t had the chance to get to the store to get any, but I plan on doing that tomorrow. I’m also only doing one HOT-ROX in the morning and one in the afternoon, rather than 2 each time. I’m rather sensitive to stimulants so I have to be careful.
I find that by dividing one shake into 2 servings helps me out. That way I’m drinking something every hour. I also blend the shakes with a lot of ice. I can’t really get the shakes down when they’re just shaken.
I don’t really remember the headaches being this bad the first time, but I’m sure that will go away, just like the stomach discomfort will.
I’m starting the workouts at the intermediate level. Today was day one of the workouts, and I finished it with 45 min of walking on the treadmill.

I wish you all the best this time around! The V-Diet definitely RULES! :slight_smile:

Okay, Day 3 is almost over. It wasn’t a work out day, so I did a 45 min walk after work. Hopefully walking will help the recovery from squats yesterday.
One amusing part to my day was when a co-worker/ friend told me that I shouldn’t work out while on a low carb diet… really?? It was almost comical. Of course that was followed up by her placing a box of cookies on my desk. She knows full well what the diet consists of. I guess I’ve encountered my first toxic person. Bring it on.

My head didn’t hurt as much as it did over the weekend, hopefully each day is better. I still can’t shake the exhaustion. I’m so tired, I don’t feel like doing much. And I have waves of feeling light headed. I don’t remember those from the first time around. I guess that’s the low carb thing??
Anyone else having the same issues?

I personally haven’t experienced any of your symptoms, but I’ve read that some people do. I don’t know what you should do, maybe you should ask Chris. As for your toxic friend, well we all got them, my gf for example offered me a bag of potato chips :D. Anyway, don’t give up and keep up the good work.

That is your body getting used to the low carbs. I was getting awful migraines first week, especially during the workouts. I backed off the intensity a bit (meaning longer rest periods) in the workouts and it subsided by the end of the week. I probably should have backed off the actual weight instead of the rest periods, but I’m a stubborn motha.

So basically, suck it up, do what you have to do to get through, and then kick some ass.

It’s day 6 and the headaches are starting to get better. Advil has helped me through it.

Day 10, I measured on Saturday… so far I’m down from 159.2 to 155.0. And a total of 6 inches all over. I don’t have the measurements with me, but I’ll post em.
I had my solid meal Sat. night as well, mixed green salad -no dressing ( I hate green things), grilled steak and a sweet potato, no toppings. I’m already counting down till the next meal!

Headaches are finally gone! And I’ve noticed I’m feeling a bit more awake through the day. There was a point there I wondered if I’d fall asleep standing up! I tried doing 2 hot roxx at a time and I didn’t react well! So I’ve been doing a hot roxx and then about an hour or so later having black tea for a little extra kick. Not sure if it’s a bad idea or not…

During my Sunday workout I was able to life more weight than I ever have in the past, and it felt amazing! I’d never gone over 50lbs for pull downs, and Sunday I did 75! I’d like to do 100 lbs in the next couple months.

I’m in week 4, I haven’t been posting like I thought. Guess I took the whole ‘get a hobby’ thing seriously and just haven’t had time.

Update on the measurements

Started at: Week 3 weigh in:

weight: 159.2 150.6
Neck 12 1/4" 12
Shoulders 41 1/2" 40 1/2
Ribs 31 1/2" 29 1/2
Chest 37 3/4" 36
Waist 29 1/4" 28
Hips 37 1/2" 36
L Upper leg 25 1/4" 24
R Upper Leg 25 1/4" 24
L Calf 15 1/2" 15
R Calf 15 1/2" 15
L Arm 12 1/4" 11 1/2
R Arm 12 1/4" 11 1/2

I’ve stuck to the diet exactly and I haven’t missed a work out or walk. Now to just keep it up after the diet.
The toxic co-worker went from being toxic, to supportive… for about 2 weeks. She’s back to toxic. Today was a staff lunch, which meant bread, sodium filled lunch meat and cookies. She spent the morning trying to get me to eat… saying things like 'it’s really rude to not eat anything, they spent money for your food you should try to eat it, you can pick around it and eat the meat, the chips aren’t that bad because they’re natural…" I finally said that I could care less what they brought, that I wasn’t going to eat it. The whole lunch she watched me, waiting for me to mess up, I drank my water and went back and had a shake.
I found that all I could do last week was think about food. I even started a weekly meal plan for next week. This week I don’t feel like eating food. Maybe I got excited too early… why did my food cravings go away?? I highly doubt I’ll turn away a piece of steak though…

LOL…Fuck her! Tomorrow, post a pic of her for us to use for target practice. Good Job!

Where have you been? Hopefully you are still going strong! Keep us updated.

I’m here. I’m pretty bad about posting. It’s even worse given the fact that I’m on this site at least 4 times a day.
It’s transition week! I’ve been waiting for this week for 28 days now.

Here are the results from week 4

weight 148.4 (down from 159.2)
neck 11 3/4 (from 12 1/4)
shoulders 40 /12 (from 41 1/2)
Chest 35 1/4( from 37 3/4)
arms 11 1/2 (from 12 1/4)
Ribs 29 1/2 (from 31 1/2)
waist 27 3/4 (from 29 1/4)
hips 35 3/4 (from 37 1/2)
upper legs 23 1/2 (from 25 1/4)
calves 14 3/4 (from 15 1/2)

overall it’s 15+ inches lost and over 10 lbs.
I started the transition work out plan yesterday and it went pretty well. I had never been able to do a hanging knee raise before and I waited until no one was watching before I attempted it. I was shocked that I got 8 reps without any trouble. It was a pretty good feeling. Of course after 40 of those I can’t exactly laugh without a good deal of soreness today.

I’m starting to really feel a difference in everything I wear. It feels amazing! I remember from the first time that I continued to see results weeks after the ‘diet’ was over.
I’m trying to create a meal plan on Sundays so every day of the week is already arranged. That way I can really plan out the foods I’m taking in and I won’t mess up during the week when things get hectic.
As far as the toxic friend goes… things seem to have died down. I’ve told her my stance on food and what’s going to be allowed and what won’t, and that seems to have settled things for now. She still can’t seem to understand why I wouldn’t want to sweeten my tea or coffee though… I’ll just pick my battles.

Congrats, excellent progress!

absolutely freakin’ awesome and inspiring.
Thank you for sharing.

That just sounds awesome! Good for you! The planning on Sunday helps me a lot, especially since I’m out of the house for 13 hours a day somedays… It’s nice to know everything has been planned and all you have to do is grab and go… and it’s healthy! 18 more days for me, and then I’ll be doing the same thing… planning on Sundays…

Thanks for the support everyone! It helps through all of this for sure.
The first time on the diet I attempted to measure out all my foods and count everything but still had no real meal ideas. It didn’t last more than a few months. Things got busy and I never had any quick “safe” meals. This time I’m planning for those days where last min things can ruin a meal.
I still feel a bit guilty after I eat my HSM. I don’t remeber feeling that way the first time around though. I guess I’m still in the mindset of not cheating on the shakes.

2 days posting in a row! I’m trying to be better about this.
I just finished my second workout this week for the transition phase. None of it was new to me, but 50 reps seemed to do me in. Maybe the rainy weather got to me. I’ll be sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I’ve got a staff lunch that I simply can’t get out of (I’ve managed to get out of the last 6 during this diet) Unfortunately, tomorrow I can’t escape. I plan to have my HSM during lunch where I’ve been having it for dinner. I can’t wait to hear the comments I’ll get during lunch on my food choices.

I think my favorite from last time was " why aren’t you eating, it’s free food after all" I’ve found that explaining myself only leads to more questions and then more reasons why I should just go ahead and eat the food. I’m done explaining my new lifestyle to people that only want to make me look like the crazy one for wanting something more out of my body.

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