Seeking Advice on Food Choices


Hi, Chris I’ve been a member of T-Nation for a while and decided to change my username since people would have gotten a wrong impression about it.

Anyway, here’s a description of what Ive been up to. I’m 5’8", 165 lbs. I’ve lost 150 lbs from Feb 2009 until Feb 2011. Since then I miserably tried to bulk (wrong move for a FFB like me) & gained 12 pounds, most in my midsection, obviously I was frustrated cause I barely gained muscle and was spinning wheels with training programs.

I still have that damn loose skin in lower ab area and thighs and I’m trying to lose that the most that I can. I’m currently following an intermittent fasting plan, since I am a pharmacy student its really hard to plan meals and stuff, so dropping my meals from 6-7 to 4 has worked wonders for my stress levels.

A few months have come to pass and I have found your articles and your nutrition advices very insightful and straight to the point. I’ve thrown away my whole crap bread, but still eat Fiber One…but if you think it’s a waste due to the wheat stuff then I’ll throw that away as well. Skim milk is on the way to the trash as well, replacing it with unsweetened almond milk.

Most of my carbs are coming from sweet potatoes, rice, beans and oatmeal. Here are a few of my questions:
Do you recommend throwing all grains away or the bread and milk will suffice for now?

Should I avoid potatoes like the plague?

Should I avoid eating an X amount of dietary fat (fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) in meals containing too much carbs (eg. 100g in one meal)?

I think I’ve found my carbs sweet spot (no more than 300g per day and that’s only when trying to gain, trying to lose fat now)

How much is too much carbs during peri workout nutrition? Can I replace Surge WF for dextrose + whey + leucine for intra workout until I can get Surge or a FFB like me should avoid these and stick to complex carbs?

Hope you can answer what u can, Chris. Hopefully, I’ll try Biotest stuff ( I want Indigo :frowning: ) soon although shipping to Puerto Rico is way too expensive, don’t know why since we’re US territory :-). Thanks.


Fiber One is one of the “better” cereals, but I wouldn’t eat it myself. Stick with oatmeal and quinoa. Some grains, like rice and oatmeal, are fine for most people. Where I get strict is flour and flour-made foods like pasta and breads. Avoiding that is the important thing.

Potatoes are fine. They are starchy but they are natural and not in the same “bad carb” category as bread. You may want to go easy on them though. So, they good in moderation.

I don’t have a problem mixing good fats and good carbs in the same meal.

100g of carbs peri-workout is a good rough range to shoot for. There are massive differences in quality with homemade concoctions vs. the real deal (Biotest products) so I don’t recommend those.

You sound like a great candidate for <a href=“"new”>Indigo-3G if you can get around those international shipping charges.


Yeah I know. I’ve been thinking about getting my hands on Indigo. I’ve been following closely all Team 1 recaps and videos and it has been a great learning experience watching that. Would you recommend the V-diet for someone at my stage or should I gain more muscle before trying that? Those last pouches of low ab fat and love handles are really bothering me a lot. Thanks for your answer, Chris!


The V-Diet can be a great way to break that final plateau. And it’s usually better to get lean first before doing a mass-focued, higher calorie plan.

However, those who’ve lost 100+ pounds, like you, may have some loose skin issues. Some of that won’t return to normal without surgery. So I don’t want you to over-diet thinking you can get rid of this: it’s not all fat; it’s stretched skin. Sucks I know. I have a little of it myself.

You’ve made tremendous progress though and I’d love to see you take up a notch!


Yeah, thanks for those words. This site has taught me way more than others and have fell in love with it. And the V-diet seems like a good option for breaking that plateau since I’ve never gotten to 10% body fat, although I’m using those crappy BIA scales…which suck ass.

I may try the V-diet soon and reach that long sought lean body, but first I have to completely clean my diet and nutrition, meanwhile I’m carb cycling and lowering calories slowly until I can set up myself for the V-diet. I will post my before/afters when I do that. Then I shall do whatever I can to get my hands on Indigo!


Wait, there are international shipping charges to Puerto Rico?


Just a note - if you’re going to V-Diet I would hold off on taking the I3G with it.

We want to make sure a solid plan gets worked out for I3G and V-Diet. Since V-diet is low carb and low calorie you might not get enough nutrients to really take advantage of I3G.

Both are great systems. Just at the moment you can’t follow the V-diet to the T if you’re on I3G and expect super I3G powers. I’d let someone else work out a good V-diet plan with I3G first.


Corts, I’m not V-dieting with Indigo :-). I’m just doing the V-diet in a few weeks and then if I find some way to evade those intl shipping charges then I will order Indigo and use it after the V-diet.

@E99_Curt, you guys over in mainland US get free FedEx shipping. Puerto Rico residents have to pay $25 for shipping. Large orders are not a problem, but a single MD or SWF tub may cost you way too much.


Interesting… I knew Alaska and Hawaii had to pay for shipping, but I assumed PR would be in the same boat as them. I was more confused about it being considered “international” since PR is part of the EEUU.


Well its still counts as an Intl charge, unfortunately :frowning:


Hi, again Chris I hope you can help me a bit more deciding between doing a V-Diet or go on Indigo. These are a few pics I took this morning, just woke up so I hadn’t had any breakfast by that time. I’m still in a big dilemma cause I really want to reach 10% bf or lower (I have no idea where I’m at, maybe 15%?), or in simple terms I want to be ripped. Here you can clearly see the loose skin + some fat I spoke of in my original post.

I’m currently carb cycling and I’m working through a minor scoliosis (due to poor posture and being obese) in my thoracic column which cause my upper traps, rhomboids and sometimes the neck to develop nasty muscle knots. But I’m working myself slowly right now with my workouts, no benching and no squatting for now. Hopefully, you can throw in some of your recommendations regarding doing a V-diet or Indigo. Just in case, I will go on either in 2 or 3 months not right now. I’m in healing mode. Thanks for any help!

Relaxed Front


Flexed front


Front Biceps


Sorry for the last one, here it is.


Right Biceps Front


Right Tri


Left Tri


Crappy Lat Spread


Back Biceps


Thanks for posting the pics. They help out a ton.

I do not suggest the V-Diet for you. I think you’d be happier with Indigo-3G.

You have less fat to lose than you think. Most of that is damaged skin caused by the weight gain. You should definitely look into abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” surgery. to take care of that. You can see the muscle under there, and not much fat.