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Good afternoon to all … This would be my first time posting on this forum… Since I just joined T Nation and I am pleased to have done so … Due to the obvious fact that this site is very informative … I would like to ask various questions concerning which Biotest supplements are best for me …

For one I’m 42 two years old and for one I’m intrested in boosting my T levels through healthy eating supplementation and excercise… I have looked into Alpha Male and I’m very interested… For one I have not worked out in a while and I would like to get back at it…but I need advice hopefully I can receive much needed help…

I’m 5"11 and I’m190 pounds the workout regime I wish to implement given the proper advice is one for strength power and endurance and one the will send my T levels through the roof … To my understanding heavy is the way to go … That said I need the supplements that will help me achieve those goals…

My schedule permits me twhours in the evening and my budget is let’s say is a construction laborers budget with kids… But I’m determined to got get in shape and stay strong … Thank you Franklin

  1. Here’s an article on whether or not T levels can be increased via training:

  2. As for diet and testosterone, it’s more about what you don’t eat, like avoiding soy protein. Then being sure to get enough fat, especially saturated (meat, eggs etc.)

  3. If you feel your natural T levels are in the normal range, but a bit low for your liking, <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male is the way to go. Now, if you feel they are below average medically, then see a doc and get a script.

  4. All that said, to get any decent results, you need to take care of workout nutrition, especially pre and during training. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is the number one choice there. Workout nutrition is the foundation from which everything else is built, and it cannot be simulated with whole foods or whey protein. So that should be your first consideration, unless you’re sure low-normal T is an issue (and a good doc will let you know with a blood test.)

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